Thursday, March 15, 2012


3.14, pi[e] day.

[ no, i didn't make a pie (who am i, june cleaver?). i don't like pies very much. i don't like crust... i'm slightly sensory, so funky textures weird me out. crust is one of those textures. ]

... as i was saying.

i did, however make a meal for dinner that i don't make often enough. it's one of jason's favorites [you'll see it up here soon enough].

anyhow, i was at work and jason was slated to be off work before me, so i asked if he could pick up two items that i knew i needed for the recipe but we didn't have. and being the great husband that he is, he of course fetched the items from the store.

i get home and look at the recipe...
there were two more ingredients that i forgot about, and we of course didn't have them.

me: *rolls eyes and sighs* "dear i think i'm going to have to send you to the store again"
jason: "did i get the wrong things?"
me: "no. i totally forgot about two ingredients."
jason: *laughs*
me: "see. this is why i titled my blog quirky wife life. because IT'S THE STORY OF MY LIFE. there's always gotta be some sort of quirk or hitch!"

so he goes to the store, and not only did he bring home the two mysteriously forgotten ingredients, but also a tower fan that i had been asking him to think about! he's so magical.

speaking of magical, we just finished the harry potter series tonight. we're sold. we're sending our kids to hogwarts when they're of age.

so tonight: made a rare meal, finished harry potter, and will now sleep in the cool bliss of our new oscillating tower fan [did i mention it comes with a remote. oh yes!].

it was a good day.

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