Saturday, March 10, 2012

the first post

welcome to my little corner of the internet, it's a bit cramped and dusty, but it will do!

please get to know who i am, check out my graphic design work, the inexpensive DIY wedding that i enjoyed envisioning and having help making it come to life, the humble abode that i am continuously nesting in, and causes that are near and dear to my heart!

what you can expect from this blog:
- witty (or at least in my mind it's witty...) humor and snarky remarks
- creative, inexpensive decorating solutions and recipes
- helpful hints to make your quirky life a little easier
- a few stories that make you feel a little better about your life

please let me know what you'd like to see/hear about on this blog! check out the different pages and let me know what you're digging or not digging so far. i love me some feedback!

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