Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i love lamp

so. i have this lamp. it's ugly. bronze. *shudders*
look at those awful stains!
i hate essentially everything about this lamp except it's shape. it has "good bones" as they say.

so i decided to redo it. i wanted to paint the body of the lamp copper.
then i had to decide what to do with the shade. this post gave me serious inspiration.
one problem, i can't knit or crochet. but... i do have a friend who is a master at both! her name is callie [here's her blog, the whiskey knitter] - here's her etsy shop, complimentary colors. i pitched the idea to her, and she got on board! collaboration!

first step: prep. since we live in apartment complex i had to make sure that i cared for the area around me that would be susceptible to the paint. grabbed some cardboard boxes and the plastic bag that our dry cleaning came in and then laid them down and placed the body and shade where they needed to be.

i knew i would need to secure the pendant on the top that the holds the shade in place as well as protect the wiring (i used plastic wrap, it's a lot easier to deal with than masking tape).

i decided to paint the shade as well, painting it a light grey as the yarn was going to be a light grey.

i put the white plastic covers [for the wiring] back on and painted them, decided i wanted them copper instead of grey.

callie and i shopped for yarn. it took three skeins of yarn to complete [so it ended up being a tad more expensive than i had hoped, but... as we know, no project can go without it's quirks]. she completed the cover in a matter of hours [there was of course trial and error, as it was the first project like this she has taken under]!

and now for the finished product:

if i had anything i would have changed about this project [which there will be with any project] i may have chosen a lighter grey [that was the lightest grey they had] or perhaps white yarn and painted the shade white so more light would be given off.

but all in all, i am more than satisfied!

side note: this is the most cuddly lamp i have ever encountered. i think i could pet this lampshade for a full 10 minutes and find myself thoroughly soothed.

much thanks to callie gajdica at complementary colors for being willing to do something out of her comfort zone.

if you are like me and cannot crochet or knit, you can buy your very own lampshade cover at her shop! here's callie's custom listing for me!


  1. How fun:) Callie is so talented. Love the out come of the lamp!

    <3 Leney

  2. Thanks, Leney! I'll follow you if you follow me *wink*