Saturday, March 31, 2012

name game

name game. that awkward "ice breaker" thing played at the beginning of strange group social events.
in this game you're supposed to learn
a. they're name
b. where they were born / their favorite color
c. "something interesting about themselves" [hobby, collections, freaky habits?]

usually in these instances i would think of something to try and get a small laugh but still keep me under the radar.

so i've decided that i want to let my "followers" [hardy har, as if you all even care. most of the people reading this are probably just vicious stalkers] in on "something interesting about myself". most of these have to do with food/drink/habits.

1. rarely do i ever drink a n y t h i n g aside from water.
      a) before you ask, "not even soda?" - i attempt to telepathically communicate to you, NO!
           1. i cannot stand carbonation. it feels like an assault on your mouth!
               [i don't know how you "normal" people stand it!]
           2. all that's in soda is acid and sugar anyways...
               [i don't know why you "normal" people think that's
               going to end up being a good idea!]
      b) that means *ding ding ding!* you're correct, i do not, in fact, drink milk!
      c) that means sometimes i drink hot tea (usually when i'm sick or stressed, it's rare)
      d) yes, i enjoy milkshakes. i consider this a dessert item, not so much a drink.

2. i don't like certain textures
       a) foods: pie crust, generally asian cuisine (there are a few exceptions),
            indian cuisine, fat on meat, lima beans (chalk inside a bean? no thanks!
            to me, edamame beans are everything lima beans should be), sugar snap
            peas (the strings!), tapioca (um, maggots?), thin crust pizza (crackers?),
            chips are a grey area (i generally need them broken to not feel like they're
            going to impale the roof of my mouth), anything burnt (bread, pancakes, meat.
            aka, i don't like toast.), quiche (bleeeehhh!!!!), coconut (as Tallahassee of
            Zombieland would say, "I hate coconut! Not the flavor, but the consistency.")
       b) textures of certain walls. i can't touch them. it freaks me out, sends a chill up my spine.
       c) corduroy pants. the noise/feeling it creates when walking o.o!

3. i do like brussel sprouts. don't know why. i also like cottage cheese. you'd think my aversion to tapioca would make me dislike cottage cheese. i don't get it either.

4. i used to eat a peanut butter and fluff (aka a fluffernutter) nearly every single day of my life (mainly because i was in school for the past 17 years of my life and was too cheap to buy food at school) since i was 7 years old. this has come to a stop, i think it's something about me only working 2 days a week in very short increments.

5. i am a creature of habit. i generally have oatmeal (again, a texture you'd think i'd be averted to) and yogurt everyday for breakfast. the main reason i am a creature of habit is because i am slightly hypoglycemic. so i need to start the day with something stabilizing. it is really impossible for me to go without breakfast... or go hungry for an extended period of time because i will get extremely lightheaded and make everyone around me miserable (because hypoglycemia means hungry = angry, aka hangry)

the good news is i have a husband who is generally along the same lines as me with most of these things (however, he likes asian cuisine, quiche, coconut. no, he LOVES coconut.) and also knows how to deal with me when i get hangry. he's quite wonderful.

the point of writing this was to essentially set everyone up for what the future recipes entail and reasons why i may avert certain things.

so i'm wondering, how many people think this is all SUPER FREAKY STRANGE of me, or are there certain foods/drinks/textures that you're really averted to? is your list generally shorter or longer than mine?

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