Tuesday, March 20, 2012


so, we're looking to take our [belated] honeymoon to scotland this fall, and we're getting all the preparations in order - including our passports.

i wanted to do our photos myself to save us money, and i actually stumbled upon a nice, free tool that would be helpful for others - http://www.epassportphoto.com/

*pulls out pipe and monocle* with all my fancy, expensive, intensive training in graphic design i do know how to get us looking all shnazzy and properly proportioned in the 2x2" photo, but i wanted to check out this tool to see how helpful it was for others so i could recommend it.

so here's what we started with [don't you just love my blog watermark? made it a couple days ago!]:
yeah, so we're not looking our wedding-day best, but it will do. we actually scurried to get these photos fit into today's schedule. this was a quick five minute photoshoot in between work and grocery shopping today!

then, using my fancy photoshop skills, i got us looking a little brighter - removed the shadows [no major shadows are supposed to be on the face, we both have that going on with the left side].

you then upload your photo into the tool at e-passport photo, it helps you crop it into proper proportion, and you can print it from there! i chose to skip to the free download so i could print it on my own inkjet.

and here's the finished product:

you may think we're a bit pale, but i know it will print darker which is why i did that :D
[p.s. don't i just have the handsomest husband?]

hope this will be helpful for other future globetrotters!


  1. Great tips! Have you had your passports accepted and returned yet? The only thing I would quibble about is that I was always told that hair needs to be off one's face and the ears need to be visible. The State Department's website doesn't say anything about either, but every time I've gone to get my pictures done (either at Wal*Mart or CVS), I've been admonished to tuck my hair behind my ears.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, SvenskaSvea! I think I will take another picture today just in case. We're taking all the stuff in to the post office tomorrow!

  3. Submitted our passport packets today, and brought two pictures [the one above and one with my ears showing] and they accepted the one above! I'm so happy they did, it's such a better picture!