Sunday, March 25, 2012

start spreading the news

these vagabond shoes / / are longing to stray / / right through the very heart of it / / new york, new york / /

[thanks to the genius of my wise husband] the tickets are purchased! birthday trip to new york is now an official, tangible reality!
we are taking an amtrak train from richmond to new york, and we are taking a greyhound bus from new york to richmond.

$126.50 round trip for the both of us! how great is that [considering what it took to get to that sum, it's pretty great]? that breaks down to $63.25 for each of us round trip, and $31.63 for each of us one way. i like breaking it down that way. it makes the $126.50 seem so much smaller!

this is our first vacation a l o n e [we haven't had a honeymoon; the two vacations we took last year were with family or friends, which we didn't mind; we haven't had any time to have any other sort of vacation].
for the first time...we're going to do whatever we want!

- i've never ridden a train.
- jason's never been to new york [this is my second trip to NYC, not sure what i'll do without a savino navigator and a meganzowrd].
- we still have not figured out a place to stay.

[in the wise words of tobias fünke] what an adventure, gang!

here's what's on the itinerary thus far:

- [ don't waste too much time in ] times square
- top of the rocksunrise sunset tickets preferably ]
- [ spend time reflecting in ] the world trade center memorial
- [ exhaustively explore ] central park
- [ walk across the ] brooklyn bridge
- [ see everything closed at 
coney island
- [ be enamored by ] st. patrick's cathedral
- [ be enchanted by ] grand central station
- [ relive ghostbusters in ] new york public library
- [ enjoy the breeze on ] staten island ferry
- [ make sure jason has fun on this trip at ] the specialists ltd.
- [ take a picture in front of ] the flatiron building
- [ make sure to sanitize hands a lot on ] the subway
- and of course, make sure we get some fresh bagels

what else should we add to our plans [i'm thinking of adding stalking sufjan stevens down in brooklyn, since that didn't happen on my last trip]? we're not interested in investing time/money into seeing a broadway show [i know, i know, blasphemy...]. i'm thinking we may need to visit at least one or two museums, but not sure which ones as there are a myriad.

have you been to NYC?
if you're planning to go one of these days, what's the most important thing on your itinerary?
we would love suggestions on inexpensive [preferably free] must-see-sights, sounds, and eats in NYC! please share!

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  1. I've been once! But the most important thing on my itinerary was seeing a Broadway show... so that doesn't really help you any. =P
    I also went to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, took a bus tour of the city AT NIGHT, went to Rockefeller Plaza to be on the Today show (hee hee), and went to the Lego and Nintendo stores... all of which I would recommend... but I know my interests are different than yours... so I just thought I'd throw it out there. =)

    Oh, but you should get some yummy chesecake while you're there... Roxy's (Times Square) has some amazingly wonderful Oreo cheesecake... we actually even brought some home with us on the train. =P