Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sew spiffy

so we're sewing today on the blog. . .

sewing a chevron skirt [inspired by crafty cupboard] !

this post is not, in fact, a tutorial. more... of just a show & tell :D

jordan, at 3of8 taught me how to properly sew a skirt!
she could have done it all herself, but she graciously and patiently taught me.

first we prepped the fabric [wet and dry]. then we read & cut the pattern, and then pinned onto the fabric and cut accordingly [easier said than done with a patterned fabric like chevron - we re-pinned many times before we cut].

we assembled and sewed a few pieces...
[heh, totally not nervous, you guys...]

i left the pleating up to the expert...

but i did iron the pleats :]
[no, not a midget ironing board. it's supposed to go on the table, but... no room at the inn]

more sewing...

more pinning...

then some hand sewing [left]... oh, did i mention - pocketses [right]!

and the finished product:

[photos of myself credit to jordan and jason... yes, jason took that last one on the right. he wanted to get a ridiculous one of me. he obviously succeeded.]
sooooo there it is! i love this skirt! and i have the satisfaction of knowing i helped make at least 30% of it :]
thanks, jordan for being so patient with me [i messed up lots, guys].

next post will be about our trip to new york, i promise! still editing the photos!

also, can i just say how awesome it is that all the colors & patterns in the post totally coordinate with the blog?!?!

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