Monday, April 2, 2012

touch nothing but the lamp

today i will take you on my journey of making over another lamp. i did this over the weekend, between rain and shine. spray paint is very testy when it comes to humidity, so i was cutting it close the whole time.
meet the lamp.
it's a bankers lamp with green glass and awful brass.
as you can tell from the last lamp i re-did, i highly dislike brass.

i used saran wrap and masking tape to cover the areas i didn't want to paint [insert ominous foreshadowing music here].

left: spray paint on glass round 1
[rain was coming in, i didn't give the glass a full hour to dry, insert more ominous music]
right: saran wrap on [what i hoped was] dry grey paint, brass painted copper.

below you will view the need for ominous foreshadowing music.
pulled the saran wrap off only to find that some areas were not fully dry. i wasn't happy.
but i moved on and sanded these areas and painted again.
this also proved to be a semi-happy accident. i'm thinking of using this saran wrap on not-fully-dry paint as a crackle technique for some tables i'm going to redo.

so here i am thinking i am victorious. i have conquered over the the paint removal and this piece is finished!

project done, stick a fork in it. or a bulb. so i put a bulb in it and turn that sucker on...
*  F A C E  P A L M ! *
no, friends. this is not a pre-paint picture. as you can see, the metal is copper not brass, and the green is supposed to be grey.
the green is covered up when the lamp is OFF but it is still oh-so-green when the lamp is on. it seems my efforts to cover up the green have gone in vain.

and that... that right there is a DIY fail.
i touched nothing but the lamp, and what do i get in return? no genie of the lamp, no treasures, no magic carpet, and not even the gratification of a job well done on a DIY project. i got a green lamp with a copper base. merry christmas to me.

and now all of you know why this blog is entitled quirky wife life. because it's the story of my life. i can't have a grey and copper bankers lamp. no, it must be a green and copper lamp BECAUSE IT MUST.

this lamp reminds me that i cannot be perfect and i never will be.
in life, there will always be something that i cannot for see and cannot control
and that's how it is and how it always will be.
and that's okay.

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