Tuesday, May 22, 2012

new york, new york: part 2

so... this is part two. part two will have more images and less writing. this is probably a relief to most of you, as you probably don't want to do a lot of reading. hah.

SUNDAY was a nice adventure... well, aside from the subway closures. took us twice as long to get to our destination. the insanity! we met my uncle in midtown and he drove us to their home in upstate (pearl river). the drive was lovely.
a lot of my extended family was there. it was really nice to be able to share a meal with all of them! nothing like new york bread and cold cuts! jason had briefly met all of this side of the family at our wedding, but didn't really know them, so he had a lot of fun doing that! 
then we took the train back, which was nice. it's so interesting to come in and go out from the city from all these different areas. then we went to top of the rock! one of my favorite sights from the whole trip. 
jason's not the biggest fan of heights, so he wasn't thrilled. and he got bored... he always wants to be "doing something" not just "looking at pretty things" [which is my favorite].
so after that, we walked down to times square and did some shopping & eating.
MONDAY was our chance to try and fit in everything that somehow didn't fit earlier.
we both wore our new outfits that we purchased the day before.
we ate a hefty breakfast at a local eatery [the first breakfast that we ate out!].
so, soho....
we had a point to going to soho - we were trying to visit this movie weapons place, but they wouldn't let us in without an appointment, and their person who makes appointments wasn't going to be in until 3... so we just didn't go. which i was kinda upset about because i knew jason really wanted to do that, it was something special i had planned for him.
so since we didn't get our featured presentation... we explored soho and chinatown.

then we boarded the staten island ferry [free!] to gaze upon lady liberty!

then did more shopping and visited grand central station.
at the end of this day we were fully pooped. we got pizza, collapsed and watched movies on jason's laptop. well needed recovery time!

TUESDAY was our final day. packed up all our stuffs and thanked our hosts with a gift.
we then met up with family friends of mine and had lunch on stone street. stone street is just a cobblestone street (apparently the oldest one in the nation) chock full of restaurants where alllll the wall street bankers go for lunch. it was very interesting and almost surreal. like a movie.

then we headed over to port authority for more homeless adventures.
when i say more homeless adventures... well, you can't experience new york city without homeless adventures. they're on the subways, they're on the streets. they're climbin in your windows and snatching your people up.
apparently it is illegal to give to the homeless riding the subways. i'm not sure how they enforce this. one man was kind and totally grateful for his life and anything that was given to him. another man claimed he had diabetes and just needed some food to regulate his blood sugar. but when given food, he would be upset that you didn't give him money. right. diabetes. riiiight.

so port authority was my least favorite experience. it's so dingy and sketchy. but not too horrible. let's just say i wouldn't want to be there without jason. we were getting hustled by homeless people left and right. one lady was just mumbling something indiscernible to every person in the place. another guy was riding a motorized scooter (with an orange flag) going around to every person asking for money, but would also rudely and harshly ridicule you if you "looked" like you weren't going to give him anything or just didn't. such a great tactic. he also cussed out a bunch of people. apparently he's there every day. i don't know how he hasn't been arrested for harassment yet.

then the bus ride back. we were first on the bus (you board in order when the tickets were purchased)... so first thing i did was use the bathroom before anyone else got the idea. glad i did. the unfortunate thing about boarding first is you can't sit in places to avoid certain people. you're stuck.
we were stuck in front of an obnoxious character who used expletives as every other word, and the other words he used were "crazy" or "you know what i'm sayin"... that's it. i was so tempted to turn around and tell him that he needed to quiet down or choose other words because there were children on the bus, but jason told me to just "put in your earphones and chill out"... so i did.
and i FELL ASLEEP. i don't know how, because this was impossible on the train [where i had more space and less noise]... but i slept, son. it was glorious.
then i started editing the photos from the trip. 
photo editing. right. so productive.
and we made a surprise stop at the maryland house [rest stop]. so much stretching and food purchasing. yummy.
we got back to richmond an hour ahead of schedule, which was so lovely!

next post will be part 3... then and now [comparing my trip in 2008 to this trip in 2012].

p.s. sorry for the lack of posting. life has been insane. cars dying, car buying... lots going on up in the landrum household!

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