Saturday, May 26, 2012

new york, new york: part 3

PART TRES: then & now

march 2008. it was a cold month in new york.
april 2012 was a nice, temperate month.
i ventured out on the trip in 2008 with two girl friends as an unmarried college girl.
we stayed in one of my girl friend's grandparents house in jersey. we drove up to jersey and bussed into the city two days.
in 2012 i ventured out as a degreed college graduate with my husband on a train and stayed with the most amazingly hospitable near-strangers in the city.

in 2008 i didn't own a smart phone [iphones existed, other smart phones did not yet exist].
i did in 2012. made finding certain things a lot easier.

in '08, our navigator was dearest charity [char char!] savino holding a map.
google maps was our attempted navigator in 2012, it didn't work as well as we hoped. walking directions on phone apps aren't so successful. 

walking the brooklyn bridge was much more pleasant in april of 2012 than march of 2008. it wasn't face-bitingly cold in april and i didn't have to pee like a racehorse like i did in march 2008. and lemme tell ya, there were a LOT less people walking on the bridge back then [probably just because it was so cold!].
the new york skyline is quite different in four years [and is it just me, or does the river look cleaner? haha].
visiting the world trade center in 2012 was just as hard as it was visiting in 2008.
on the day we visited in 2008, the last stairwell was being torn down the day we visited.
there was a small site where you could see the names, place flowers. there was a man playing some sort of musical instrument and singing amazing grace.
in four years time, there is now a full blown memorial and tower 1 is 75% of the way complete [and now is the tallest building in the city]. no one is there singing amazing grace.
central park. so much warmer, 97% more populated.
bethesda terrace march 2008.
bethesda terrace april 2012.
bow bridge 2008.
bow bridge 2012.
2008 trip included a stop at coney island which unfortunately didn't happen in the 2012 trip. i would have really enjoyed seeing how that changed, especially since the selling of the property.
but, got to visit soho and lady liberty on this trip, so i guess it all evens out, right [eeh, there's a place in my heart for coney island that nothing else can replace]?

i loved both of these trips equally. i don't think anything can really top you "first experience" in a place. but i'm really glad the second trip was twice as long as the first one. you really can never get enough of new york in!

another major difference in these two trips was when i came back from the 2008 trip i thought, "i could never live in NYC, it's just a lovely place to visit. i can't handle the hustle and bustle." after this 2012 trip, both jason and i have both thought that we could live there for a short time before we have kids. only if God wills it, though.

i just can't wait to go back :]

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