Tuesday, May 29, 2012

one year

one year.
seems impossible that it's already been a full year.
why did a full year seem to take so much longer before we were married?
so much has changed.
we went from being of two fleshes (?) to one.
we went from being engaged to married.
we went from no tattoos or piercings to tattoos and piercings.
i don't have two jobs anymore. i have neither of the jobs i had a year ago, and have one job that i'm thrilled to have and so grateful for.
jason still has two jobs. but one of them changed from construction to customer service. he finally received a well overdue promotion in the military, and he's due for another soon enough.
the car that we drove away from our wedding to our short 2-day honeymoon is now dead, and we have a RAV4, our dream car.
we went from having a futon to a couch, then got rid of the couch and got a single solitary chair. strange. we also have a carpet now instead of a workout mat. isn't that nice? our dvd collection has grown. a lot.
so many wall hangings.
and pinterest. oh, pinterest. you suck my life away and seemingly make it so much easier.... right?

so many friendships made. a few friendships salvaged.
so many friendships lost. some just temporarily put on hold for some unknown reason to me.
so many of our friends got married or about to get married.
so many babies everywhere... or babies who have doubled or tripled in size in one year. they're all walkin and talking and shtuff.
family moving here and there.
we were supposed to go to scotland in september. now that we have our dream car, scotland has to wait a year. unless a miracle occurs.

lest i forget, jason almost deployed and did not. thank you, Jesus! lest i forget how my health deteriorated in those two months. lest i forget how much i learned. the lesson was that i cannot control my circumstances. things like deployment, employment, residence situations, health situations, death... i can't control, so why should i stress out so freaking hard about it? GOD HAS GOT THIS. and i need to sit down, shut up, chill out, read His word, and pray.

i wonder what this upcoming year of marriage will hold?
will my husband change? yes.
will i change? yes.
will it be for the better? i hope.
will the world end? more than likely.

after all, it is 2012.

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