Sunday, June 10, 2012


sorry for the lack of posting. had a few things going on this past month... like a car dying and getting another. and our anniversary [listed here] and jason being at annual training [which means me alone and sad and trying to find things to do which generally don't include productivity because i'm pathetic].

may 28th 2012 marked our happy one year anniversary.

we were going to go out of town for an extended weekend, but our plans didn't go as planned... as they generally do not for us. so we had a nice staycation.

we mostly just did whatever we wanted to do when we wanted to do it. it was awesome.
sunday [which is one of the two days we did interesting things] we went to rocketts landing for their memorial day celebration called "rocketts red glare"... i love attending events with great titles. food, drinks, ships on the river, glorious sunsets, ruins, and fireworks!

we watched the fireworks from the back of our "new" RAV4, which was a great "breaking in" experience for that fabulous vehicle. it was a splendid evening. we would have avoided most of the horrendous traffic afterward, but we accidentally took a wrong turn... yeeeahh. but we got gelati celesti afterward, so it made everything "aaall better!"

the next day [our actual anniversary] we did something quite special [which only a handful of people know about, because i'm not quite sure if i'm ready for that to be on the internet... eh. we'll see if i make up my mind soon enough.]
after lunch that day, we enjoyed our anniversary cake. it was great! no freezer burn! huzzah!
that evening we used our gift card to olive garden, which was delish.
all in all, it was a great staycation for our anniversary. hopefully next year we'll get to do something more grand, but this did just nicely!

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