Saturday, June 23, 2012


here's my thursday:

figure out our electric bill. apparently we don't have to pay this month, and most of the bill next month. winning.
husband comes home from work. halfaday. sweet. so much winning.
call for an update on the maintenance people coming to fix our toilet. whatevs. can't get me down, right?
husband's napping, i'm watching rushmore and pinning. winning.

start on the pizza dough. cool. this is gonna be great.
hmm, pizza dough is kinda sucking, um what's going on here?
pizza dough is failing. okay, start over. no big deal. put this one aside, see if i can salvage it somehow... anyhow, time to redo.
get the yeast going, salt the flour... find a recipe to salvage the other dough with. husband finds a suitable one for wheat rolls while new pizza dough is rising.

we get started on this wheat roll business. . .
this batter seems waaay too thin for rolls or any sort of bread. but how would i know, anyway? just roll with it. [hah. see what i did there...]
husband plays video games and i iron my skirt while the pizza dough and bread/roll batter rises (?)...

fetch the dough from its resting place... divvy it up into two dough balls for two pizza pies. hmm. this dough seems awful sticky. add some flour.
add some more flour. keep kneading about.
add some more flour.
seriously, does it take this much flour? it's still so sticky?! [i have begun to get panickish at this point]
husband starts on second dough ball which is also so sticky. his seems to be taking a little better than mine, he begins to stretch it onto the pizza pan.
i glance over...

that's never going to stretch enough to fit the pan.
we'll have to combine and just make one individual pizza. which means we'll need to order a second pizza for there to be enough for us and our guests. . . . . now i'm perturbed.
why am i perturbed? i think there's a great quote from mrs. turner of "fairly odd parents" that goes along the lines of, "everything i touch dies"... here's a video for your enjoyment.

i get upset over things like this frequently.
i constantly feel like when i try new endeavors (in the cooking world or other aspects) it just fails miserably. and i get tired of that. it just gets old, you know?
i keep giving into the illusion of the perfect domesticated housewife, everything she touches comes alive with vibrance on the first try, everything tastes like euphoria in your mouth, and she never breaks a sweat.
i keep thinking i have to be her. . .

quickly we combine the dough, and i give husband the task of ordering pizza from somewhere. he does.
i prepare the pizza, dough, sauce, cheese, sausage, pepperoni, parmesan.
i also prepare the weird experiment rolls...
husband takes me aside for a moment and says "dear, stop being so hard on yourself. no matter how this turns out, enjoy the good time we had making this together. i think you've done a great job so far. *he holds me closer and puts my head on his shoulder* also, cry if you need to" <3
i make the decision not to cry, but enjoy the embrace. husband left to get the pizza, i put pizza and rolls in oven, and i get a chance to check my phone... turns out our guests didn't know if we had invited them to dinner or just to watch a movie, so they got some food [total miscommunication... the irony]...
i call husband to tell him our guests weren't having dinner with us, he says "oh well, we'll have a bunch of pizza for a while" ... "so how much is this pizza you got"... "thirteen dollars" ..."what?! thirteen dollars?! that's ridiculous! i never pay more than $8 for a large pizza! uggh. wait, i'm sorry, i didn't need to freak out over that. sorry" ..."thanks for apologizing. i'll be home soon"

so my pizza turns out with the thickness of 1.5 sicilian pizzas.
jason enjoys the pizza he purchased [and mine].
the rolls apparently turned out pretty tasty, i haven't tried them yet. jason just says they're good.
so, all these seeming fails turned into happy accidents.

and we still have a plethora of various pizza in the fridge.... :D

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