Thursday, September 13, 2012


So this is going to be a bit of an offshoot from my normal posting.

This has to do with faith, relationship, and views instead of furniture, cooking, and quirks.

I recently had a new image of Jesus pop into my mind.
Jesus swimming.
I have no idea why.

Jesus swimming?
It seems laughable almost.
So many bad jokes could stem from that mental image [i.e. "Come on in! The water's fine, I turned it into wine!" har har, what a knee-slapper with bonus points for rhymage... oh boy].

When I told my husband about this recent mental image he asked, "Does He have chest hair?" [yep, I totally laughed].
I replied, "Well, actually I kind of pictured Him swimming in a white long-sleeved tunic shirt."
He retorts, "That doesn't make any sense. Who swims in a long-sleeved tunic?"
My reply, "Yeah, you're right. He totally has chest hair. He's a Middle-Eastern man!"

Why do we put on airs for Jesus?

Why do we feel like we've got big shoes to fill? As if we're always trying to step out of living in our big Brother's shadow?

Why can't we seem to picture Jesus doing everyday things?

He was a carpenter. He made tables, chairs, benches.
I'm sure before He was a carpenter He was making other things. He had to have some other niche before then to know that carpentry was His thing.
It's not like He lived his life saying, "Hey guys, I'm the Messiah... I'm dying for your sins in like 17 years from now so I'm gonna need you to give me some space."

I'm sure Jesus had to babysit. Mama's gotta run to the market at some point in the day, and there's Jesus, the eldest sibling. You know He got spat up on and changed diapers (cloth. totally green and eco-friendly, of course). 
I'm sure He helped His dad fixing things around the house (and other manly things like herding goats and fishing).
I'm sure He did dishes with his mom. I'm sure He and the rest of the kids helped her prepare for the Sabbath each week.

I'm sure Jesus stepped in poop.
I'm sure Jesus danced a Jewish jig (you know, get the grapevine in there... and a little shoulder shimmy a la Topol, "If I Were a Rich Man"). He got down with His bad self. The Man turned water into wine. You think He didn't get His groove on at that wedding after He performed His first miracle? Come on!

Why do we only picture our Brother always preaching the Sermon on the Mount and not sitting around a table enjoying a meal with family and friends, laughing and joking?

Our Savior was not some stone-faced ogre.

We need to get that through our thick skulls.

Satan wants us to believe that Jesus is purely God and was never fully man.

The King of Lies (Satan) wants us to always picture Jesus as some glowing holy being who sits on a very far away throne and doesn't have chest hair.

The Enemy wants Christ to appear as always walking on water and never swimming in it.

Satan doesn't want us to be able to picture Christ with us in our everyday activities. He wants to distance us from Him.

When all Christ wants to do is be with us in our everyday activities.

He wants to be there when you're singing into the hairbrush, dancing whilst vacuuming the carpets, rocking out in your station wagon.
He wants to be there when you're sick of changing diapers. When you're tired of having to answer your coworkers same question 15 times a day. He wants to be there when you're yelling at the guy in front of you who just cut you off in traffic.

We don't think our God wants to swim with us. So we don't invite Him into the water.

Let's fight this untruth.

Let's try inviting God into our daily lives. Our constant moments of joy and frustration. The "little things", if you will.

Let's fight the concept of our God being too big to invite into the little moments of our lives.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

dresser revamp

So, as some know - we moved last week.
In between the actual move and the time we had to turn in the keys we redid some dressers in the vacant apartment.

These are some dressers that Jason's parents had foreeever. We have a picture of Jason as a small boy standing (in full cowboy garb) in front of the tall dresser.
[you can't see in the picture of the horizontal dresser, but it has a mirror that goes on top of it]
They didn't have room for them anymore, so the let us have them.

As we all know (from previous revamps) I really don't like brass. So I knew I would redo the hardware eventually, but wasn't sure what to do with the furniture itself.

Then when I started getting on this grey & copper kick, I had an idea.
Strip them down and do a "grey-wash" (instead of a white wash).

So I thought this would take 1-2 days. It ended up taking 3.
And it took myself & Jason and several of our friends to get it all done. Day 1 Debbie & John Daniel helped. Day 2 Stephanie helped. Day 3 Olivia helped.
We all worked hard to get this thing done!

To me, the hardest part was stripping and staining the mirror.
To Jason, the hardest part was stripping the tops... or trying to strip the tops... to only realize that they were laminate.
Yeah. Who does that? "Hey let's make these all-wood dressers... and stick some laminate on the top that looks just like the rest of it. Yeah that's a good idea".... ?!?! Thank you, genius.... wherever you are.
Anyhow, we ended up painting the tops with a solid grey latex (the only paint that will adhere to laminate).

Ended up using a "sun-bleached" color stain from Rust-Oleum on the wood itself.

So, enough of my babble - here's the finished product!

That's the tall one. We're using it to hold our tv/xbox/dvds for now (we're living with my grandma temporarily to save up for a down-payment, our bedroom, bathroom, and half of an office is basically all we have. This is how we're dealing...).

Close-up on the hardware (going for "hammered copper"):
Here's a close-up on the difference between the top (laminate, latex) and the mirror (wood, stained).
Here's some of our "accessories".
Jason made me the necklace tree. I was given the cheese grater and painted it (copper!) and turned it into an earring holder.
Oh yeah... and there's Jason's ferret and my ET :]
Overall, I'm more than pleased with how these turned out! They're fantastic!
And Jason... well... he'd prefer that they just be painted solid black... soo... maybe these will go in our future guest bedroom ;P