Tuesday, September 11, 2012

dresser revamp

So, as some know - we moved last week.
In between the actual move and the time we had to turn in the keys we redid some dressers in the vacant apartment.

These are some dressers that Jason's parents had foreeever. We have a picture of Jason as a small boy standing (in full cowboy garb) in front of the tall dresser.
[you can't see in the picture of the horizontal dresser, but it has a mirror that goes on top of it]
They didn't have room for them anymore, so the let us have them.

As we all know (from previous revamps) I really don't like brass. So I knew I would redo the hardware eventually, but wasn't sure what to do with the furniture itself.

Then when I started getting on this grey & copper kick, I had an idea.
Strip them down and do a "grey-wash" (instead of a white wash).

So I thought this would take 1-2 days. It ended up taking 3.
And it took myself & Jason and several of our friends to get it all done. Day 1 Debbie & John Daniel helped. Day 2 Stephanie helped. Day 3 Olivia helped.
We all worked hard to get this thing done!

To me, the hardest part was stripping and staining the mirror.
To Jason, the hardest part was stripping the tops... or trying to strip the tops... to only realize that they were laminate.
Yeah. Who does that? "Hey let's make these all-wood dressers... and stick some laminate on the top that looks just like the rest of it. Yeah that's a good idea".... ?!?! Thank you, genius.... wherever you are.
Anyhow, we ended up painting the tops with a solid grey latex (the only paint that will adhere to laminate).

Ended up using a "sun-bleached" color stain from Rust-Oleum on the wood itself.

So, enough of my babble - here's the finished product!

That's the tall one. We're using it to hold our tv/xbox/dvds for now (we're living with my grandma temporarily to save up for a down-payment, our bedroom, bathroom, and half of an office is basically all we have. This is how we're dealing...).

Close-up on the hardware (going for "hammered copper"):
Here's a close-up on the difference between the top (laminate, latex) and the mirror (wood, stained).
Here's some of our "accessories".
Jason made me the necklace tree. I was given the cheese grater and painted it (copper!) and turned it into an earring holder.
Oh yeah... and there's Jason's ferret and my ET :]
Overall, I'm more than pleased with how these turned out! They're fantastic!
And Jason... well... he'd prefer that they just be painted solid black... soo... maybe these will go in our future guest bedroom ;P

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