Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Counting and Learning

Just want to take some time to thank God for the place I'm at. This place called here.

If I hadn't been experiencing such contentment and growth in certain areas I don't think I would have been able to weather the storms that have been experiencing in other parts of my life right now.

I'm at a job where I decide my days & hours.
I have a great boss & coworkers.
We're picking up a lot of work right now.
I love what I do. It's an extension of who I am.
I'm using my degree in my career.
That's so rare these days.

I'm in communities of Believers that are healthy & thriving.
We're looking to help one another grow to understand God better as well as love one another more effectively.
We learn what our strengths are and how we fit into the Body of Christ.
We don't shy away from tough issues.
Men AND women are teaching and leading.
I am teaching and leading on occasion.
We are seeking to restore the Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.
I am craving spiritual meat, and I am being fed by spiritual meat. No more milk.
I am being cultivated and tilled in the inmost depths of my soul.

My health issues are slowly but surely being resolved. This is a great comfort to me.
I'm understanding natural health and nutrition so much more effectively.
I'm healing.

I have a wonderful husband who gives me grace upon grace but still keeps me in check when I'm stubborn.
If I don't feel like cooking or I've completely forgotten about making dinner, he says,"Where do you want to go for dinner, love?"
And he's also patient with me when I occasionally answer that question with, "I dunno."
He plans surprises for me. He brings me flowers.
He educates me on the Star Wars things I don't understand.
He offers to let me wake him up if I am feeling down/needing a hug/needing a shoulder to cry on/needing to talk to when he's sleeping.
He cleans the tub if I ask, or if I don't and he simply sees it needs to be done.
He provides for our family even when he doesn't want to go to work, and he gives it all he's got.
He keeps me laughing. Keeps me loving.
He's a dreamboat.

I must recount all these things when I am frustrated or stressed with the other situations in my life.

I must count my blessings.

I must be grateful.

Otherwise, when the storm clouds gather I will cower in fear and loathing rather than love the skies I'm under.

I am learning.

This hopeless wanderer is learning to love the skies she's under every day.