Friday, June 21, 2013

The Housing Saga: Episode IV: A New Home [part two]

Where did we leave off? Oh yes. Silly banks had told us that they wouldn't loan to us because we regularly pay off our credit card [if you haven't read part one, read here!].


So. We began to apply for an FHA loan... which is a much worse situation. It's a loan from the government instead of a bank. You pay more in PMI (private mortgage insurance) and you throw away $2000 on the FHA funding fee. You never see that money again. It doesn't go toward your house, it goes to the government. We really didn't want to be in this situation, but we weren't sure what other choice we had.

Then our amazing loan officer tried another push for conventional. He begged the banks to look at our credit again to see that we do have regular charges, we're just so freaking smart that we actually pay them off regularly as well. He basically told them to let the wookie win. We were definitely at the tearing-the-arms-off-point.

His strategy worked. We were now finally on our way to actual home ownership.

When a house has a contract on it that the seller has accepted, it comes up in a MLS search as "pending." It always makes me so heppy to see this (image to the left) in our MLS search; that means it's our contract on that house!

So now, without further adieu, here are some photos of the house. First will be some MLS photos, then our own photos.
Front of the house. Grey & burgundy vinyl exterior.
Back of the house. Don't mind the fallen gutter. 
Downstairs half bath.
Living area complete with gas fireplace and built-in section for television. To the right is the kitchen, towards the back of the photo you see the stairs that lead to bedrooms.
Dining room. 
Master bath [hideously pink]. 
Second bath for the other two bedrooms.
Now for our photos!
Yeah, a little disheveled. My oh my how the bushes have grown! Also... I think it's pretty crazy that our car colors match the house color... sooo awesome! 
Front entry. Navy blue door.
Living room/sitting room on the right, which can lead to the upstairs.
Dining room to the left, which can lead to the kitchen.
Half bath upper view.
View to front entrance.

View into the family room.
Back door comes out of family room. 
I stitched together two images of part of the back yard. 
Stairs between living room & family room (we're going upstairs now!)
Upstairs hallway (it's not a plunger hanging from the ceiling, just a detachable handle for the pull-down attic).
Upstairs laundry! 
Master bedroom (yeah... needs a lot of help).
Master bedroom; door furthest to the left is entry, middle door is walk-in closet, far right door is master bath.
Another bedroom.
Another bedroom.
Different view of same bedroom above.
Us in front of our future home!
So all that's left is appraisal, conditions, and closing. Hopefully all of that will go smoothly. I guess we'll find out, now won't we?

We're hoping the sequels to our saga will be just as good as the sequels in the original trilogy (and of course, there will never be any prequels or any talk of them because they should have never existed in the first place).

*cue Star Wars theme music*

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