Friday, October 18, 2013

Accent Wall

So I realized I never actually did a blog post on the accent wall in the dining room. Not that it matters or I really had much time to. But I figured it's one of my favorite walls in the house so it's noteworthy!

I painted this when Jason was last at drill in September. I actually painted it a medium blue on that Friday... and realized that medium blue was totally hideous and clashing with the khaki bandaid color that is on the rest of the walls (that will get painted eventually...).  

That Saturday Jason herniated a disk in his back while at drill. I could do nothing about that situation (sort of used to that by now being a military wife for over two years now). So in order to take my mind off of that (instead of sitting there worried constantly texting Jason to see what was happening and just end up annoying him) I decided to complete this wall project! Take my worries out on a wall!!

A few turns of events (long story) landed me a free gallon of paint of this delicious indigo color. It's so mysterious. The color actually changes dependent upon the time of day and how much sunlight is entering the room. I adore it.

Here it is after we finished the hallway:

Just this past week I actually decided to rearrange the family room for various reasons (hosting, fitting more furniture, making certain furniture last longer). Here it is after the rearrange:

Dramatic lighting:
Oooh. So purdy. 

Glad I took out my worries on the wall on that Saturday :)

(oh and if you're wondering what's up with the banner - several weeks ago we hosted an autumnal baby shower for our brother & sister in law. we now have a new niece! she is tiny & beautiful.)

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