Monday, October 21, 2013

Guest Bath

So we've been quite a bit busy this week! Last Saturday (the 12th) we began painting the guest bathroom. I had actually prepped it for paint about 2 months ago. It's been waiting ever since.

This week we finished up the color. I had a vision from the beginning to do a stripe technique with different finishes of paint (satin and high gloss). I knew that was daunting, but I also knew that the classiness those stripes would provide would be worth the work.

I actually wasn't expecting to finish this project so quickly, but we have an unexpected guest arriving on Tuesday, so it is done! And good thing too because we actually need to shower in there temporarily until some things are fixed with our master bath shower.


Before (white flat finish latex. in a bathroom. real genius. and boring):

In Progress (you'll notice that it's a lighter shade of our family room [a satin finish indigo] accent wall. in progress photos are sans stripes):


Now, some of these photos make the color appear more purply and significantly darker, but it's really not as bold, and is slightly more blue. It's a mysterious color and hard to capture on camera. I'd say the most accurate image would be the very first in the "after" sequence.
I don't know about y'all.... but... uh... I'm in love. Jason digs it too :D

HUGE shout out to my sister, Olivia for helping me with the stripes. She's mad good at taping.
And obviously, another huge shout out to my sweet hubby who puts up with my visions of grandeur.

Now, it's not 100% complete. Just 90%. The medium brown "wood" cabinets under the sink will be painted white (as will the ones in the master bath)... but that may not be for a couple months.

For now I'm enjoying the 90% complete bathroom. It's so loverly!

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