Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Grey Great Hall

Okay, so it's not actually a "great hall" - that gives an illusion of grandeur. It makes me feel pretty great and grand, but most everyone else would find it bland.

We wanted to do this project at this time because FALL IS HERE! We entertain VERY regularly (we actually only have 2-4 nights a week where it's just us). And our coat closet in the hall kinda only fits our coats, maybe room for 3-4 more. This had to be remedied for the approach of chilly weather. People need a place to put their outerwear! So we thought about building a corner storage thing, but seemed like it would be a lot of work for not a lot of storage. So... a sort-of-board-and-batten look with hooks!! Yes! The perfect solution. And pretty low cost for a big storage (and decor!) solution.

Just in case you don't remember, here's what it used to look like:

Here's what it looked like in-process (Saturday the 28th):

Here's what it looks like with the grey (all done within 20 hrs, and 10 of those were sleeping! I did some before I went to bed and then after I got up the next day).

Aaaah! Isn't that so much better than bold khaki bandaid color? Yes. Yes it is.

(oh bonus in the photo above: first blog appearance of the mysterious indigo wall that I painted when Jason herniated his disk... as well as an appearance of the banner I made for Meredith's baby shower!) above pics are night, here's a few with cheery sunlight...

A nice close-up of our hooks! Came from Target; oil rubbed bronze pack of 2 for $3.99! Such a great deal. We have 10 hooks total, which is really 20 hooks total, since each has 2.

I actually have a hard time NOT seeing this every time I look at our hooks...
Can't unsee that.

Anyhow... This was a pretty cost efficient project, considering that all the paint was discounted (I am constantly checking the mis-tint sections, and the white we got from the Re-Store). We chose to go semi-gloss because it's a high traffic / wear & tear area. The grey I actually mixed myself. I had two (one previously used on the tops of the dressers) quarts of different greys (mistints!) that I poured into an empty gallon and also added some white to lighten it up. I'm so pleased with my custom mixing job!
The board (chose to buy already painted to save time) was from the trim section at Lowes, $7ish per, and we got 3, still have some leftover. And the hooks were actually purchased using a gift card that a sweet friend gave us (yes, I sent a self-letterpressed thank you note, of course!) as a housewarming gift (she obviously knew we love Target!!). 

Oh I should mention it's not COMPLETELY done yet. Hubby wants to finish off the corners better and then caulk everything to really polish it off and make it look professional. Which is fine by me! But I figured my iPhone (yeah I'm officially a lazy blogger now; just phone pics!!) camera wouldn't pick up the difference so it could hit the blog now!

We both love it! It's greeyeat ;P and utilitarian! We love when form & function come together to make a great addition of character to our home!

Here's some side-by-side shots...

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