Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cauliflower Craze

Cauliflower is a pretty big deal these days. Well, at least on Pinterest. You can supposedly make nearly anything starchy or light from the stuff. It has been touted to make great pizza crust, mashed potato substitute, and even a base for alfredo sauce.

Note my hesitancy.
So several months ago (before we finally got our house) I tried out a mashed cauliflower recipe (substitute for mashed potatoes). While I had some challenges that I learned from in this attempt....
note: it is FAR easier to make mashed cauliflower by boiling it IN water [not steaming!] for just over ten minutes than trying to steam in a microwave.
second note: it is also FAR easier to use your handy dandy blender stick to puree those suckers than try to use a hand held potato masher. But it was not my house, my kitchen, or my tools at the time, I made do.
.....they still turned out decently. I actually tried these out on my family in law... who rave over my actual mashed potatoes. They thought the mashed cauliflower was, "earthy tasting, but still pretty good. not overwhelmingly cauliflower tasting." 
I'd have to agree with that assessment.

The second time I tried this, I actually did half cauliflower and half potatoes. I enjoyed this much more. Could barely taste any hint of cauliflower, but if/when you did it was still good. This batch was also far smoother and creamier thanks to the potatoes (oh and much easier since I had my own kitchen with my tools!!). However, hubby still says he can taste the cauliflower and would prefer regular... but I think it's all in his head.

Anyhow, that second batch had me singing cauliflower's praises.

I had read about this cauliflower alfredo sauce online and decided that since this last batch of mashed cauliflower/taters went so well, I could probably tackle something new.

So I tried it out for dinner tonight.


Thumbs down.

I'm sorry to those who actually like this sauce, but... it's nothing like alfredo. 

Tonight was the first time since I was a kid that I sat at the table forever trying to finish my food. And I'm the one who made it.

My husband agreed. Diiislike. To "my credit" this is the first time "in my history of cooking" (what, seven-ish years now?) that I've made something my husband or I could barely finish.
Our housemate, however thought it was okay. Not great, okay... and interesting. So she'll be eating that on her own for a while. Hahaha

What's so bad about it, you say?

It's not creamy. It's gritty and super thick... like non-creamy grits. Even though I pureed the heck out of it and added more oil, milk, and parmesan cheese than the recipe called for... and even tried adding half & half, ricotta cheese, and a romano/mozzarella blend that the recipe didn't call for.


And it seems that the cauliflower is completely overpowering in this dish. I did everything I knew to try and get rid of that cauliflower taste.


I even added bacon.


You know it's bad when bacon don't fix it!

Added chicken and broccoli to try and mask the taste...

Made it barely tolerable (in my opinion).

So, this my friends is yet another tale of a day in the life of a quirky wife.

Mashed cauliflower.... Thumbs Up!

Pureed cauliflower attempting to pose as a base for alfredo sauce....

Thumbs Down.

Very far down.

But if you don't take my word for it, feel free to come over and try it.

Not even kidding.

We have a massive tupperware full of the stuff... and I don't think our housemate can eat it all on her own.

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