Monday, November 11, 2013

The Difference Between...

There's a lot of differences between men & women.

One being our communication.

Perfect example occurred yesterday.

Jason was wearing a jacket that I think is quite fetching on him, but I rarely ever see him wear it.

I say, "Oh, I love that jacket! Man, you haven't worn it in forever"

He says, "uuh I wear it every morning to work"

My response, "Um, excuse me... do I go with you to work every morning?"

He laughs.

This was hysterical to both of us at the time because it's terribly true and telling of our communication.

Something one doesn't see, the other points out. Then one thinks the other is being ridiculous because their statement is outrageous, but both are actually correct in their own regard.

I was correct in thinking I had rarely ever seen him wear that jacket. I was incorrect in saying he hadn't worn it in forever; I just hadn't seen it.

He was correct in saying he wore it often on mornings at work... but thought I was kinda off my rocker for saying he hadn't worn it in forever. He didn't entirely think about (in that moment) that I never see him wear it to/at work.  

And that's marriage in a nutshell.

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