Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY Umbrella Holder

Meet our old mailbox.
Hi mailbox

Old mailbox was... ratty. We replaced it around Christmas time (with Christmas moneys! huzzah!). We now have a beautiful mailbox (see end of blogpost for a picture of the lovely new mailbox).

Fast forward to the past couple weeks... I had been wanting an umbrella holder for our entryway. Let me tell you what, those things are stupid expensive (and most of them are tacky!). So I looked into making my own. Came across several ideas including cutting down PVC pipe and bundling them together to make a "modern" umbrella holder. While I liked that concept, I also knew it would be very time consuming and more money than I was willing to spend on storage for umbrellas.

I also saw something genius - using an old mailbox as an umbrella holder. And we already had one! The only cost would be spray paint.
$8ish for both

before: EWWW. this was after scraping/sanding and priming with the primer for plastic
coat numero uno 
coat numero dos 
our new mailbox. it's so pretty. it has another door on the back! 
aw I love our new mailbox. that teal thing by the steps is the old one ;P
and here's the finished product! I just love it!!

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