Thursday, January 30, 2014

good grief

I don't like grief. I mean, how many of us do? What a blanket statement.

Grief is always unexpected.

It seems the more time that passes from the passing, the more time you have between each time of grief.

But with the greater amount between each wave, it seems each wave is also slightly more intense.

It comes on at the drop of a hat.

Well, the inspiration to hang a blanket actually. I wanted to use a crochet blanket (that Nanny didn't even make) as a wall hanging for our room. It would fit perfectly above the headboard.

I began searching for ideas on how to do this without ever causing damage to the blanket.

I came across a pinterest board with a few ideas (most of them wouldn't work for our blanket) when I came across this...

So beautiful. I knew immediately I would love for my future child to have such a gorgeous blanket.

And then the wave came.

I wish Nanny could be here to one day share the joy of me having a child, her great grandchild.

These are the times I just want her back.
Jesus, could I have a little more time?

Could she be here to crochet this beautiful blanket for my daughter or son?

Love woven into each square of vibrant color.

One day we will share our joy together.

With more vibrant color than I can now comprehend.

[ I am so thankful to have a blanket she made for me. And some sponges and washcloths. And some dishes, the miniature bunt pans. Her glider rocker. The blanket chest. Ah, so many pieces of her are placed throughout my home. ]

[[ also, no I'm not pregnant ]]

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