Monday, March 24, 2014


My car has almost reached it's 200,000 mile mark. Which is not terribly important. But it is unusual for a car of it's age.

One of the reasons I love my car so much is because it's as old as me. It's a 1989 Toyota Station Wagon. It's cranky in the winter (much like me), makes strange noises while idling, have to jiggle the key just right to start up or turn off the car, it has no fancy bells or whistles (no expensive computer parts). To me it's a simple, straightforward, reliable wonderful car. Perfect for me.

I've gotten many an offer from friends, family, and total strangers to buy it off of me. As if I don't know what a jewel I have. They simply don't make cars like they used to. And heck, Toyota stopped making station wagons 20 years ago.

But at this semi-milestone time in both my car's life and mine (we both turn a quarter of a century this year), it makes me reflect upon the similarities. 

Not only were we both spawned the sane year as the end of the Cold War... but also... 

Both myself and this vehicle have never been west of the Mississippi. I have lived in Richmond all my life while this car only had a few years away from Richmond. 

I've never really taken this car on a long distance trip. Just around town. Which is also indicative of my life as I've never been outside the states.

As an-almost 25 year old I feel like I haven't done much or gotten very far in life. 200K in about 25 years seems about right.

I want for both of us to last a lot longer and see a whole lot more.

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