Friday, May 2, 2014

Battle of the Bushes

We hate holly bushes, holly trees, holly anything that's growing in our yard... with a passion.

We knew we would be taking out the three holly bushes in our front yard this year, which is why I had that on the docket in my blogpost last fall with our progress.

So here's what it used to look like . . . 

And here's a few pics of the removal process . . .

Love is a ripped out holly bush.
So, got two white azaleas at Costco this week intending to put them in between the three bushes. So that's what our housemate and I did today! And ripped up a good amount of the roots of the holly bush... there are still a bunch, but they're just gonna need to die on their own. They're ridiculous.
So, here's the azaleas finally in place! 

Oh, and I suppose I should show some better pictures of the mulching we did last weekend. 

It's so puuuuurdy! It's like we have a whole new house with the mulching and edging!

So the next tasks are . . . . 
mulching & edging the left side of the house... and then tackling...
the front walkway.
 Some genius thought stopping in the middle of the porch would look SO GREAT.


So we're going to fix that hopefully in the next month or over the summer.

We'd also like to paint the shutters and the front door. We like the idea of a bold red door. 
See, we want a red Japanese Maple to go where the massive holly bushtree thing was... pop of red there, pop of red on the door!
We're still thinking on the shutters. Either navy blue or black. So I attempted a photoshop sample . . .

but until then... we have these pictures....

before. . . .

 after . . . .

I love the black and red :D


  1. *slow clap*

    Very nice. I love how clean and simplified it looks now. What are you guys thinking about doing with the walk? Are you going to keep the pavers and just position them better or are you going to go with something else entirely?

    Also, you're totally right, black shutters. Definitely.

    1. Jason had an idea to use the pavers but spread them out and have gravel in between. So we'd have to dig, level, and put a barrier down. I wasn't in love with this idea, but after looking at other ideas and pricing them out (time & money-wise) it has quite grown on me ;P