Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Nurture - verb; care for and encourage the growth or development of.

I feel like I personally am in a season of nurturing. Nurturing myself, trying to set boundary lines in order to develop my strengths and talents to be most effective. Nurturing my spirit, trying to get more in tune with the Father. Also, I am attempting to nurture our yard into something that will eventually be beautiful, but right now it's in an awkward phase. Same with the interior of our home. So much is "not ideal" (kitchen countertops, band-aid color walls nearly everywhere downstairs) but I am trying to develop it into something we can love while doing other projects.

So I wanted to give a tiny update regarding such things.

If you follow me on Instagram or are Facebook friends with me... you probably were annoyed at how many pictures of tulips I was posting. Well. I loved my six little tulips while they bloomed. All their petals are gone now and I've deadheaded them, so their bright colors no longer grace the front corner. But here are the pictures of their hay day....
I think I want to plant some summer blooming perennials in this area so that there can be beautiful blooms for a longer period of time. 

Then I planted flowers around the mailbox...

Black-Eyed Susans on the left, daisies on the right, and poppies in the back and front.

The Black Eyed Susans are growing heartily and the Poppies are germinating!! I'm so excited!! The daisies... well... they kinda partially died about a week and a half after planting. There's still some green on it, so I cut back all the dead in hopes it could be saved. Only time will tell.

This may not look like much to you, but it's going to be great! The goal is to get greenery growing pretty tall & thick in this are to conceal these utility boxes. They're just nasty eyesores.

This blessed me SO much when I went to check on this section today...
Long story short: our neighbor's landscaper had cut down all the forsythia that I had planted. I had planted some in the fall, and he cut that. 
I brushed it off as an accident and planted more in the spring. Well, he cut that down too. So Jason spoke to our neighbor, asking her to tell her landscaper that it's definitely on our property and stop cutting it. I also put paint sticks in the ground that say, "DO NOT CUT. Plants growing!"
But I thought there was no hope for the forsythia as it had all been cut down to stubs. All I could see was only one tiny little stub had remained alive. 
Lo & behold, today I see that not just one stub (as it had been) but ALL the forsythia stubs that had been cut are NOW GROWING!! They all have greenery!! This made my heart SO HAPPY!!
I also planted more Black Eyed Susans in that area for a pop of yellow in the summer.

Now onto the interior -
We've got two large walls that need art. One is in our living room above the blue couch, and the other is in our room - the wall across from our bed is completely bare. This must be remedied!!
So I've been creating some art! Only one piece is finished currently...

Not to toot my own horn, but I LOVE IT... this took way longer than I expected. I did the lettering by hand first in my sketchbook then transferred it to computer to clean it up, then printed it out to put behind the canvas to sort of trace with the paint. I'm a little sad about the "Old Virginia" line being crooked, but oh well.
And here's some ideas for the other artwork... (see right)

I'm going to print these using the freezer paper transfer method... so they'll be less clean on the canvas and have a much more hand made quality to them. I'm really looking forward to this being complete. But I had to get the placement of the birds and the color scheme right before printing the birds and transferring to canvas. I'll also need to test the colors on regular paper to make sure they're pretty close to what I'm seeing on screen.

The typography in the bottom right corner says, "so do not fear, you are worth more than many sparrows" . . . one of my favorite things Jesus ever said. Also, I just love bird silhouettes. They're all over everything I own, eventually going to have a tattoo somewhere. .  . when I decide the placement . . .

I also want a print or painting of poppies. Red poppies symbolize remembrance for those who fight for our freedom. I didn't know that until recently, but that explains so much of why I love them. I'm not sure what kind of path I'm going to take...

 A more "print-like" approach

A more abstract / painterly approach

Or do a photo-real oil painting to look like one of these.... (I'll admit, that's my least favorite just because of the time involved).

So that's just some of my ideas. I also want some raised typography pieces, a print of a large ship, and some sort of map (of either Richmond or the world).

Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas!

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