Wednesday, May 28, 2014


while other couples went to the Bahamas, we went back to work two days after our wedding.

while other couples are going on their "second honeymoon!"... we still haven't gone on our first.

while other couples are going on their "one year anniversary!!" trip... we still haven't set foot off of american soil.

three years of marriage.

furthest away we've been was nyc and atlanta.

the longest vacation we ever had was 6 days, with my family [grateful for it nonetheless] and we evacuated due to hurricane.

second longest was 5 days in new york city, sleeping on floors of a gracious, generous stranger's-to-us-at-the-time apartment.

other vacations were generally just a weekend trip, or a stop somewhere on the way to friends weddings.

I'm not bitter. I'm so happy to have those times.

but I know we have put a lot of hard work into our marriage, our house, our relationships... without a lot of rest.

and I know we might have been upset at ourselves had we known three years ago that we wouldn't have gotten to Scotland by our third anniversary.

we might be upset at ourselves for not having made it there by now.

but I love our marriage. I love our life.

I love the fact that we both became homeowners at 24 years old, and are basically debt free... well... aside from... you know, the mortgage ;P

we never had a honeymoon, but we live a honeymoon life [thank you, Sharon Glasgow for coining that term. if you're looking for a real, hard-tack woman who writes about real life, she's your gal].

we have epic moments, and an adventurous life.

we kiss barefoot in the driveway when big, fat raindrops are melodically pouring down, just like in the movies [actually, that was only once. but it was cool].

we got tattoos together on our first anniversary. 

we get down and dirty.
see what I did there?
we're an aunt and uncle to some incredible kids.

we're making a house a home.

we're always trying to be a safe harbor to anyone who needs one.

we're trying to steward the blessings we've been given in order to best serve others.

and we'll always be each other's beloved even when we won't be physically in the same city, state, or country for long periods of time.

we'll make it through the challenges ahead.

we'll make it through the joys ahead.

the path ahead is a much easier go with you by my side.

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