Sunday, June 1, 2014


this week we weddinged. it's totally a verb.

and I said to this dear sweet friend of mine, "oh, you've never been at a wedding with me!"

why? she was flabbergasted by my dance moves.

for those who've never been to a wedding with me, you have probably not seen the craziest side of me.

what's that saying? dance like no one's watching? yeah that's me at weddings.

my husband sometimes has a problem with this side of me as he can tend to be embarrassed. especially in public (dancing in the grocery store when a great song comes on? yup yup, das me).

I am a very white girl.

with very white girl dance moves.

some people probably wonder why I would feel compelled to make a fool of myself.

I never feel compelled to make a fool of myself, I do that every day without trying.

I feel the need to have a good time.

I've lost a lot of dear family and friends suddenly. I don't wanna waste time being pretentious.

I know life is too short to not dance.

So why choose to not dance when you want to? To leave your friends behind? Because when friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friend of mine.


But in all seriousness, one thing life & God has taught me is to be genuine. And I genuinely love dance to great music.

Don't take this as my manic pixie drive to say, "oh look at how whimsically unique I am! pay attention to me!"

Nah. I don't care about attention. I care about being present. Being all there. And me being all there at any sort of celebration with music involves me getting down. Because I love to get down!

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