Sunday, July 20, 2014


So I'm not sure if anyone remembers what our patio/deck looked like...
Pretty redneck.
Or "industrial chic" if you'd like to call it that...
We added some furniture to it.

But now we've finally stained it!! It only took 10-11 months... jeesh
Looks pretty shnazzy. Not sure if we're going to stain the thing that the grill stands on. But we're likely going to do a second coat. Hopefully that won't take much longer... because I want to be done with this! I want to fully enjoy this space!!

I love how it matches the brick so well! That was totally unplanned. I actually found this stain a couple weeks ago when we were organizing the paint. I totally forgot about it. It was originally $40 and we paid $5. Which makes the total project cost.... $5 since Jason got the palettes from a former employer. Well, did have to put the weed barrier, rocks, and bricks down under the palettes to keep them from standing in water. But that was 10-11 months ago and I don't remember how much that cost.

It's so lovely! Now we're just waiting to put all the things back into place.

Even Alice and our elephant watering can love it.

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