Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Living Room

B E F O R E [before we even bought the house]

We had grand ideas about this long wall that runs the length of the house from the living room to family room. We wanted to make it a pallet wall with built in shelves, oh yeah. . . oh no. We realized after about 8ish months of living here that would never happen. 

But what would we paint it? We would have to choose a color that would work well in both rooms. I of course loved grey as per usual.... Jason was very keen on all white. My mind: all white? That seems like... a hospital, or a prison, or... well... both.

But I went with it. I mean, I could get white paint from the Habitat Humanity ReStore for so much cheaper than regular paint. Saving money. Yeah. That would make it worth it.

Then we painted it all white.

And I realized I could not, in fact abide it. I quickly realized this. After rolling on coat after coat to cover up that horrid bandaid color. Yes, I so prefer the white to bandaid.... but... it was like putting white ace bandages over bandaids. IT'S TOO STERILE, DANGIT. 

I felt like I needed to cleanse myself of my sins before stepping into these rooms in the morning, the light was so bright reflecting off ALL THE WALLS. It was horrible.

So. What to do. What to do. How can I remedy this and Jason be okay with it?

Hmm. I have a lot of grey paint. Hmm. We both like grey. We both like stripes. Hmm. Grey stripes. Maybe one of them could continue the perimeter of the room? Oh. Yes. I quite like that. I QUITE LIKE THAT A LOT.

I pitched the idea to him. He was hesitant at first. But he knew how much I couldn't stand the all white. He knew just as much as I that compromise needed to happen. So he went for it.


Oh yeah. Bask in the glory of the grey stripes and the lovely blue curtains that my incredibly talented mother-in-law made for me out of a shower curtain that I got at Target. 
A BREATH OF FRESH AIR, PEOPLE. Can you tell I'm so pleased with this room? I just love it.
Here you can see how the middle stripe simply continues through the room (while the top and bottom stripes stay only on the stair wall). Also, check out that lovely yellow dining room in the background there.
Doubt you can tell from this photo, but those birds there are actually 3-dimensional wooden carvings that I got from etsy. I love them. The rabbit is concerned they will eat her. Just kidding.

So there you have it. I have said to some people who have come over "this room - yeah, this is marriage" - it's this thing called compromise & complimenting one another - it's so beautiful.

Next post will be on the family room.... which is about 80% complete... but still buffering, so you'll have to wait until it's fully loaded :)

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