Monday, December 15, 2014


Jason and I decided we wanted to have a headboard with built in end tables. We have a platform bed which has a matching headboard with several floating shelves for about $200ish. I designed the headboard and Jason built it. We make a pretty fantastic team. Total cost.... $38ish? Just some board, screws, rope, and a lot of patience. Design phase really took the longest. Lots of measuring and thinking and rethinking an remeasuring.... but then it was all started and completed on a Saturday. The best kind of project.



Yes, that is rope. We really wanted to create the feel of floating end tables, but we really thought they needed more support, so Jason came up with the idea of either a chain or rope to hold down that hypotenuse position. We super dig it. Adds a fun texture to such a clean, sleek piece. 

We really love it. Originally we were going to route & whitewash, but we're not so sure about that anymore. We kinda like it as is. We'll see. The current finish is nearly the same tone as the platform bed so it works quite well.

On Sunday we got this bad boy off craigslist.... I just love it. Finally can store my hospitality items instead of shoving them under a table and putting a floor length tablecloth over it so no one can see.

Ah, simplicity. Ah, organization. Brings me mental peace. . . . . Well, a little.