Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guest Bedroom

quick little update of the guest room -

this room should have been taken care of a long time ago...
we didn't get to it for so long because originally we had an unexpected house guest who became an unexpected house mate staying in this room. we had wanted to get to it while she was there, but we were so busy and then you have to move all the stuff... and bleh...

so nothing happened in this room until she moved out, unfortunately.

but now things have happened.
Check out this crazy bed frame that we painted that we shouldn't have painted because the paint didn't take to it well so I praised God for the shabby chic movement so that I could make it look INTENTIONALLY distressed! hahahahaha

And, let's not forget about the guest bathroom floor that was redone just before Jason left. It was his last project before leaving *flings tear*

close up on that there tile.... it's also the same as the tile in our bathroom...
yep. pretty fancy. so there's that.
next will be to paint the cabinetry in the bathroom so it's actually good looking. not this nasty honey oak business. I have a thing against honey toned wood.

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