Wednesday, September 14, 2016

somewhere over the rainbow

the song "somewhere over the rainbow" has always held a special place in my heart.

not only because I watched wizard of oz on repeat as a child for who knows how many years (sorry mom)...

but because of my deep seated desire to travel.

I always wanted to fly beyond the rainbow, beyond the horizons I knew.
this desire has always ached within me. the wanderlust so strong some days I thought I wouldn't be able to go on if I didn't see the world.

one place in particular gave me that ache greater than any other.


I cannot explain why. even though I'm half Italian, I have little desire to go there and every desire in my being to go to Scotland.

thankfully I married a Scot with the burning desire to see his homeland.

and my husband has planned a trip to Scotland nearly every year for the past 10 years.
we wanted to go for our honeymoon.

we got our passports right when we first got married in hopes we would go in our first year of marriage.

year after year, something would occur that would prevent us from going - be it buying a car, or a house or being separated by a deployment.

neither of us have stepped foot outside of the CONUS (aside from Jason's deployment, but that was still technically US sovereign soil).

this year what kept us from traveling was our jobs that we both didn't have vacation time from.

and this year (2016, not 2015 deployment year) has been the hardest year of our lives for various reasons that some may know.

we have felt worn out, bedraggled, hopeless.

but I had this hairbrained idea.

what if I ask my bosses for more vacation time so we can go to Scotland this year?

after much second guessing, fear and trepidation... and then encouragement from all my dearest loves that it would be okay to just ask and helping with the right words to say... and I did.

today, "somewhere over the rainbow" came on at work while we listened to an old time jazz station and I started crying at my desk.

because we had just purchased the tickets to Scotland the night before.

we are now going to fly somewhere over the rainbow.