Wednesday, October 12, 2016

day 10: skye, the fairy pools

I kept thinking throughout this trip "this is the best" and then we would see another place and I'd think "okay no this is the best."

so far nothing had topped the stacks at Duncansby Head in John O' Groats for me, and of course Edinburgh was second.

but now I think I know which will always be first -

the Fairy Pools in Skye.

I cried a few times. I had to just stand there and shake my hands because I was so overwhelmed. sensory overload.

you'd not know it was there unless there was a small green sign and a heap of cars.

it looks like an ordinary valley of a beautiful mountain in Scotland.

but carved into the valley, deep below ground level are beautiful treasures. pools so deep and clear that they glow an effervescent turquoise (one of my favorite colors, and the shirt color I happened to wear today).

exploring these intricate levels of pool after pool, waterfall after waterfall, each canyon and crevice so different from the last... they were the most glorious hours of my life to date, hands down.

there were a good many people there too. and a lot of them swimming! even though the air temperature was a lovely 56, I know that water was cold, I ran my hands through it. many would jump off the cliffs into the deeper pools, even though you can see the bottom of all of them and they appear to be so very close.

it was truly surreal.

and at some point we had to leave. and we explored the views from the other side. a totally different perspective.

every now and then I'd just stop and look and say I didn't want to leave.

and once we were at the top of the hill, I just looked back and saw... this valley, this field... where the most beautiful treasure I had ever seen in my life... it just laid there. seemingly unnoticeable.

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." - Matthew 13:44

when I turned back and looked on it one last time, that verse came to mind... and I started crying again.

the weight of that verse is understood deeply to me now.

and it makes me wonder how many fields and valleys here in Scotland also have hidden treasures such as these... (and these are just pictures from our phones! the pictures from the real camera are more spectacular if you can believe that)

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