Thursday, October 13, 2016

day 11: northern skye

Jason and I didn't feel well today, I think all our galavanting at the fairy pools did a number on us and made us relapse a bit in healing.

but we attempted to go to Old Man of Store, a mountain range with stacks. the hike was extremely strenuous so we only had the energy to make it about halfway (which was still about an hour roundtrip).

we headed a bit back to Portree to get lunch at the local Co-Op, a grocery store here that I really want back in the states!! they have great selection at awesome prices and it's all well sourced. I'm going to miss it. and their little milks that are American Girl Doll sized! they're so cute I had to take a picture.

oh, also random sidebar - apparently saying the word "awesome" is a dead giveaway that you're American. they simply don't say it here. and when I thought about it, it did seem terribly American.

anyhow, then we made our way to Kilt Rock without a gps (no signal on our phones and the gps in the car wouldn't bring it up). so we stopped at an area that looked like it could be it, explored some, and when it wasn't it, we asked a local! look at us doing things the old fashioned way!!

we ended up finding Kilt Rock and it was lovely. basically an opening in a cliff where a waterfall pours into the sea.

then found a nice beach on the way to the Quiraing mountain range.

I have not seen such diversity in mountain shapes until coming to Scotland. I feel like I only saw a slight variation on the same shape of one mountain in the U.S., but now I totally understand why Gaelic has 20 different words for the word mountain.

after Quiraing, made our way back to the hostel, battling the sun in our eyes for most of the drive as we did the other day as well.

I never thought we would battle the sun while we were here, I thought it'd all be about batting the rain. we have yet to battle the rain (yes this is extremely abnormal), but it appears we may at our next stay in Fort William and Glencoe area.

speaking of abnormal weather, in our stay with David and Ellen, we asked about the winter weather and snows (research, guys). and they mentioned how they really haven't had much of a winter in Thurso in many years. when they were children in the 60s, they had many a deep snow of many feet, but it's been a surprise to get snow now. it seems all over the globe we are experiencing climate change in different ways. we mentioned how unusual it was for it to be 80 degrees fahrenheit on the first days of October in Virginia and how we've had more extreme weather, it seems to be similar here. except here they actually take action to care for the environment haha.

and this evening was mildly uneventful in the best kind of way. but we did book our tour to staffa, so that is fun. in an expensive sort of way... eeh...

we leave skye tomorrow. it has been lovely but I wish I could have seen more. but I've basically said that of every place we've visited.

we hope to fit in one return trip to Edinburgh before we depart. we just can't bear the thought of not seeing it again for a long while. hopefully we can squeeze it in!!

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