Sunday, October 16, 2016

day 14: glencoe & the beginning of heartbreak

all of Scotland basically feels like you're constantly moving through a hybrid of a Bob Ross painting and the best parts of Middle Earth. but it seemed Glencoe embodied that feeling more so than anywhere else.

pretty sure we stepped into part of a hybrid of Mirkwood and Fanghorn at one point. we actually passed a forest on the way to Oban that was actually titled Lothlorien. they know how Middle Earthy it is here, obviously.

there are trees just covered in the most perfectly placed soft blankets of moss. tiny waterfalls everywhere. peaceful streams in lovely glenns. deep, cool brooks. half fallen trees. just beauty in every single nook and crannie. and you can't stop looking anywhere... it's truly everywhere you turn. something else to explore.

after some exploration we needed fuel, and recharged in the most wonderful cafe we've had the pleasure of dining in thus far - cafe glencoe.

we both got BLTC's (BLT's with chicken) and split a baked potato with cheddar.

Jason and I both agree - we've never had real bacon or real cheddar cheese until we had both here. somehow their bacon is as thick as a slice of thick cut ham. all of it. everywhere. even in their microwavable prepared meals. how do they do this? it's one of the things we will miss greatly about being here. we wish we could bring home the bacon!! haha see what I did there?!

anyhow, the BLTC's were on chiabatta rolls... and it was the best sandwich I've had in my life. I didn't want it to end. and the potato with cheddar was lovely as well. even came with a side of crisps... here's some potato to go with your potato. these people know how to do!!

the chocolate cake looked amazing so we decided to go all out with this lunch and split a piece along with tea for two. it was yet again an amazing choice.

and throughout this meal I kept tearing up. tearing up because I had many moments here where I would say to myself, "freeze this moment in your mind. memorize it. come back and revisit it later. you will never have this back."
this cafe was one of those moments.

the view outside was incredible. you could see the clouds roll onto the mountains. some neighbors of the cafe were gardening in yellow slickers in the rain. there was 90s alt playing. various travelers and locals alike resting their bones or savoring their tea.

it was just perfect. and I will encapsulate it forever and attempt to revisit it in my mind.

other moments I wanted to freeze was the first dinner we had in Scotland at the Italian-Scottish fusion place, meandering through the maze of Old Town Edinburgh as well as looking down upon new town from the castle hill (oh and an evening walking through a lovely Edinburg residential area. oh, Edinburgh), winding through the northeast coasts cliffs and beaches and abandoned churches, eatin grilled haddock with Abba in the background in Thurso, running uphill and downhill on the delightfully springy earth and avoiding sheep shite on Duncansby Head at sunset, spontaneously exploring castle ruins somewhere along the north coast, every moment at the Fairy Pools, the moment I was looking for the print I wanted at the museum and Jason had it the whole time and surprised me when I turned around, watching the water swirl around the Isle of Staffa and Fingal's Cave, absorbing the blue coastline of Iona, and the foggy drive to Fort William from Oban in the light of a full moon.

and now I added this cafe as well as the exportation of mossy forests with perfect tiny waterfalls and big deep brooks of Glencoe to my frozen moments in time.

but I was also tearing up because I still truly do not know how I will leave this place. I absolutely do not.

Jason and I are fully convinced we will live in this country one day. it's no longer a matter of if, but when. Scotland calls to us as home. we don't know how. but we know it must happen. and I know, family and friends... you may not want to hear that. but know it's not happening any time soon unless someone wants to give us heaps of cash and help us emmigrate.

until then, Iceland will have to help us transition back to monotony and misery of an election year in the U.S.

and I'm sure it will. especially Blue Lagoon!

now three more days remain for our time here in bonnie Scotland. one more adventure here on the West Coast, then off to Edinburgh for our proper farewell to the city that stole our hearts, and Glasgow for our departure to Iceland.

we are savoring each moment here like never before. and we are so thankful for our time here.

I said to Jason last night during the perfect foggy moonlit drive, "we have seen everything we wanted to see here now."

and that is true.

but this landscape is ever changing. the light makes it look different. you never get the same view twice.

and we want to see every view.

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