Saturday, October 22, 2016

day 19: final day of adventure

checked out of our airbnb, went to Hallgrímskirkja and got to explore the inside. what a lovely, simple church design.

then attempted a small part of the golden circle.

we made it to thingvellir, passed by geysir (you get the idea from afar), and ended at gullfoss before making our way back to keflavik.

I feel that now I've seen gulfoss I don't need to see niagra falls as it will likely seem dull haha.

and then... keflavik, keflavik, keflavik. never again will I do anything but transfer.

check in - 2 passport checks. security - one passport check. try to find food on way to gate... not much selection, poor pricing. our gate is a 15 minute walk from food area.

and then...

a massive exit passport check. for probably over a thousand people.

why do an exit passport check. you checked these people's passports when they came in and you've already checked them 3 times prior to this.

massively clumped in an area, not even lined up. only 4 staff members checking for those flying to the U.S. then 2 for UK and Canada. 6 total. there could have been 10 lanes open. it was the most chaos I've ever seen. the photo below is when we were close to the front of the line.

I'll say it again. it seems like with keflavik they put all the money into the shops and bathrooms and forgot that it was an airport and all the importance of the areas that are required to run an airport.

and then after that passport check, line up again for another boarding pass and passport check before going to your actual gate.

unbelievable. I couldn't have been more glad to be on a plane going home.

oh and our plane was delayed 30min because people were stuck in that massive passport flustercluck.

how awesome is that. best.

I didn't end up watching stranger things on the flight because I noticed the in board flight television options had Fargo, a TV show I had been wanting to watch. but it was only season 2. but I watched it anyway and enjoyed 6, almost 7 episodes. looking forward to watching the first season and then getting back into the second.

at one point we flew over greenland, that was pretty cool. and getting to watch the sun disappear into the atmosphere was fun too.

landing this time was fine, no trouble, just a bit of a headache and tiny bit queasy but nothing like the last flight.

dulles was fine, nothing crazy. the customs photo booth thing was odd... and super bright as you'll see in the pic. but Jason was hangry so he thought it was all terribly excessive haha. they had dogs sniffing for something, but they weren't German Shepherds, they were cute little terrier type dogs. sooo cuuute. made me happy. then finally saw Taylor!! it's just the best being reunited with your bestie :)

chickfila as first meal back in the states. SO GOOD. all I had today day was huel, a crappy hot dog, pringles, and 2 cliff bars. chickfila never tasted so good.

and it's so nice to see the price being what will actually show up as the charge on the bank account. no more currency exchange! woohoo!!

3 weeks of mail on the counter. I've only sorted junk and important.

a happy buns in her cage, happy to see me.

took a lovely shower. and now I'm laying in my lovely bed. and my body says it's 5am when it's 1am.

and I love my house. good house. goodnight :)

most of the pics taken today were on Jason's phone so... you'll have to deal with these for now haha

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  1. Keflavik suuuuuuuuuucks. Iceland has become so popular lately (both as a transfer and as a destination) that the airport can't handle the increased traffic.