Sunday, October 9, 2016

day 6 & 7: inverness to thurso

day 6:

woke up in our hostel in Aberdeen. I didn't feel very well. so I took it easy getting ready to go, and Jason helped a lot.

got on our train to Inverness, I slept most of the way. felt a good bit better once we got there but still not 100%.

got our car. Jason is a natural at driving a manual on the right side of the car and left side of the road... cept for a few minor hiccups.

the drive to Thurso was thus far the most incredible drive I've experienced in my life. but we haven't seen the north coast yet, have we?

we even stopped at a lovely beach as well as an abandoned church.

the scenery is hard to describe aside from rolling hills, glens, cliffs, rivers, lochs (lakes), and ocean. the most gorgeous colors. just absolutely breathtaking.

at one point I couldn't contain the tears in my eyes, they just kept flowing down my face taking in all the beauty I could not comprehend.

it's one thing to see the pictures of Scotland  and have a tear in your eye.

but when you see it in person, in the flesh. winding through the hills and valleys, cutting on the edge of the cliffs... I could barely handle it.

and I now know we must live here one day.

I kind of knew it before.

but being here... feels more like home than home almost. and I know that sounds strange. but the peace that settles me is unlike anything I've experienced. and Jason feels the same, if not more so.

we obviously have no ability to do this anytime soon, unless something outlandish happens and we come into money somehow. but one day. we must.

anyhow. we made it to our airbnb Thurso.

our hosts Ellen and Davis are incredibly gracious. Myra, the wife reminds me much of you, Jason agrees. she even has little heart lights around the window of their dining room! so of course they make us feel at home :)

went out for dinner and had deliciously seasoned haddock and potatoes. also popped over to the shop to get me some throat lozenges and travel tissues and Jason some breakfast items. throat lozenges helped a good bit.

as did the proper cuppa our host prepared for us when we came back!!

we visited with them, they have helped us figure out where to visit in the area. my goodness what a help they are. convinced us (easily) to not go to Orkney. it's a costly tourist trap, exactly what we don't want. and we have great things to do instead per their suggestion.

and I had a B A T H. complete with an absolutely lovely glass merlot to unwind as well. absolutely euphoric. and just what the doctor ordered after 4 nights in cramped hostel showers I could barely move in. so glorious.

now sleep. and hopes that I feel better come morning!

day 7:

woke up feeling worse, didn't sleep well with head congestion.

but when Jason told our host this she prepared a lavish breakfast and brought it to our room, complete with a Scottish hot toddie.

the porridge was delicious, as were the few bites of eggs I had after some sips of the hot toddie. I think I went to bed hungry and my body had no fuel to fight off this cold. once it had food, I was immediately drowsy and slept for about 2 hours. woke up feeling much better but still congested.

got ready for the day and headed to Dunnet Head, the north most point of all the UK. found a lovely beach along the way. then had to find a place to eat, this proved difficult on a Sunday in a small town area. so we ended up going back to Thurso and had a bite at a local pub. then headed to John O'Groats, and the stacks at Duncansby Head. the most lovely walk I've ever experienced. even jogged some of the way. the ground is so light, almost springy... almost as if it bounces back when you are on it.

but the stacks at Duncansby did not disappoint. these are the kinds of places that make us both cry. these are the places we came to Scotland for. these are the kind of places you have trouble comprehending that they exist.

drive back had lots of sheeps to shoo off of the dark the road, apparently we will have even more of this tomorrow.

when our hosts asked us how we liked John O' Groats (almost looking at us as if there wasn't much to see or do and it was probably disappointing) and we said it was glorious and stunning... they looked so surprised. and then they said our drive on the North Coast 500 was going to knock our socks off if we loved that (Duncansby) so much... I just don't even know how we will deal. we will manage :)

I think we will miss this stay most of all. we bonded so quickly with David and Ellen, we just would like to live here with them for a good long while. precious people. so grateful to have been able to meet them and experience their hospitality.

my head cold was decently better in the day, this evening it's not much better though. it's still clogging up my head but making its way to my chest now. thankfully we have another airbnb tomorrow night so I shouldn't bother anyone else in a room with coughing :/ it's a bit of a bother not having all my natural remedies at my fingertips like at home! what I wouldn't do for a neti pot rinse about now! haha

tomorrow we are on to Achiltibue (pronounced Ahch-ill-tih-boo-ee) after seeing the lovely North Coast with an amazing itinerary David planned for us. it's great having the locals tell you all the tucked away places and must sees. nothing better! now I won't keep you any longer from the stunner photos that await you all this time (note can click to enlarge any of these).

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