Thursday, October 6, 2016

scotland day 4: aberdeen

day 4

we got our laundry back unsabotaged and in time for checkout! yaaay!

I slept!! Jason didn't :/

had my huel in the shared kitchen, a nice gentleman guest was inquisitive. I just keep repping this stuff!! it still has me feeling pretty well, though I think I will increase the number of scoops tomorrow.

I was a bit homesick today. there were lots of cute kids about today, made me miss my nieces and nephew ♡

made our way to the train station, training northeast to Aberdeen.

thanks to some ruffians on the train, we can now understand overhearing Scottish small talk much better now -_-

boys are the same everywhere. they talk about superheroes, lord of the rings, sports, game of thrones, and of course chicks. however, they use the term "tidy" and "tasty" to describe an attractive female. I'd heard the second term previously of course, but "tidy?" haha what an adjective.

other than the immature ruffians, the train ride was lovely. in Scotland, there is free WiFi on all trains, busses, and trams. pretty impressive.

we are terribly pleased to see how green Scotland is, in many ways. the countryside is so lush, but also the nation as a whole is so eco friendly. there are windmills in many areas, lots of solar panels, and much encouragement to recycle and reduce energy usage. including the stop-start technology in some of the vehicles. that doesn't exist in all vehicles, I think it's mostly for the hybrids. it is certainly fascinating, all their pushes to be economy friendly. and apparently that's why the toilets don't flush as well? but I feel they still use more water than my toilets at home which have water conserving valves and flaps on them... guess we will never know. but it is truly inspiring to see a nation work so hard to take care of their lands. I hope other nations can take a page from their book.

the water is also surprisingly blue, and blue green in some areas. I expect this of the tropics but for some reason I expected the Scotland waters to be dark or brown... not sure why?

anyhow, made it to Aberdeen and got to our hostel. actually it's more like a hotel and then one of the rooms happens to be a bunk room with two shared bathrooms. it's unusual but it's quite nice. there are enough beds for 18 people, but tonight we only have one other person in here, and I think two or three additional people tomorrow night.

went to the mall nearby, another H&M. bless you, Scots. you have great taste. got some sushi. headed to the beach. it was chilly and mildly uneventful, but nice.

Jason's feet felt like they were on the verge of forming blisters, but we made our way to a Chinese place that we read served a hot pot. we lost our last hot pot place in Richmond a fee years ago and we've missed it very much since, so we were very excited to hear of a place serving it nearby.

it was not at all the same. they brought out massive trays and trays of things to cook in your hot pot and we just looked at each other and didn't know what to do. there were even fully uncooked shrimp and this massive crab hook thing on one platter. I couldn't look at that platter, it freaked me out.

but we rolled with it. I tried tofu for the first time. was pretty bland. as was the soup for the hot pot. I kinda got more down in the dumps with each bite. I felt it was a bit my fault as I wanted hot pot so bad. but Jason told me we couldn't have known, to stop beating myself up, and we live and learn, it's part of the experience. this was just a more expensive lesson, so I didn't want to endure it. but he was right, we couldn't have known. and he kept encouraging me, and we kept trying to have the best spirits about it. and we made it.

shoutouts to the best husband and traveling buddy (please get the reference, someone) I could ask for. this dude has put up with my crazy on this trip (to be fair, I also put up with his haha) and endured so much and helped me so much. I did most all of the planning for this trip but he has jumped in with the real time stuff like a champ. when I have no idea what to do in a city, he's looking up things to do. when I am no longer functioning because I'm so hungry, he's finding a place and making decisions. love this guy. don't think I could travel across with anyone else... they'd probably desert me haha.

we tried to improve the evening with a stop at the shop as well as a scoop of chocolate ice cream... we finished the ice cream and Jason just said, "well this just isn't our night I suppose" (ice cream was also lacking).

but we went to the room and watched two episodes of Outlander. that helped a good bit. I cry each time watching the title sequence because it makes me ache for Scotland. and this time was the first time we watched it in Scotland. so I cried. but because I was in Scotland :)

then it was shower time. and I realized my shampoo container broke and went all over the contents of my shower bag :( but I had bagged it within another bag so it had gotten on none of the things in my suitcase (yay foresight). so I spent a good bit cleaning allll the things it spilled on and the bag itself before I could shower. quite an ordeal.

but again, you live and learn. and you can get more shampoo. or use the diluted castile soap you brought as an all purpose cleaner :)

who knows what tomorrow holds for us in Aberdeen. tonight we shall sleep well on nice mattresses in a quiet space! huzzah! that's about all we care about right now!! haha

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