Friday, October 7, 2016

scotland day 5: aberdeen

we slept in so good, yall. and we both slept very well, hence the sleeping in so good. amazing what a night of uninterrupted sleep feels like! and we just chilled and took our time getting ready, because we could. our feet were thankful for it, too.

then we finally ventured out and went to the William Wallace statue as well as some things along the way. then we searched for souvenir shops. these are apparently very hard to come by in Aberdeen. Edinburgh had a plethora. I guess they have a lot more tourism, even though Aberdeen has a more international airport than Edinburgh. a bit odd.

anyhow - hey fam, we may not be bringing home all the souvenirs we thought we would! sorryyy guyyys. we still gonna try tho!! three of yall are getting souvenirs tho :/

anywho, we stumbled upon a lovely cemetery in the middle of the city, amidst shops and bus stops. it was so out of place, we had to explore. and it was lovely. very unusual but very lovely. it seemed the earth had not been kind to these graves. what once was flat earth was now rolling small hills. many of the graves tilted, some cracked or torn. but lovely nonetheless. Jason said "if I were to be buried (we prefer cremation... random tidbit), I'd want it to be in a place like this"

once we found suitable wifi, we made calls (wifi calling is free, but anything else is 20c a min for us while over here. free texting and data tho!). needed to change and confirm some things with our rental car for tomorrow, so did that. also made some calls home. we aren't sure when we will have internet fast enough to make calls again, so we wanted to check in with our families. it was so good to hear everyone's voices. we miss them a lot. especially today for me, for some reason. I'll just blame it on hormones.

I guess it's odd to be in a place where you're guaranteed to never see a familiar face. to always see strangers. I bump into people I know in Richmond all the time. so much so we joke about it and say we can't go anywhere looking ratchet, we always know we will run into somebody!!

but to be a stranger in a strange land for almost a week now, you do start to crave familiarity. familiar faces, familiar food, familiar creature comforts. but I'm certainly not done with you yet, Scotland! I will drink of you every last drop!!

went out to the store for a few things in preparation of the highlands. then went to the boozy cow for dinner, thanks for the recommendation, Evans! it was delicious!

then hostel time. though we were supposed to only have 3 other people here tonight, now there are 7 or 8 others? one of whom is a very gregarious Brazilian fellow who is here on holiday for a few months. he wanted to talk to us while many were trying to sleep and we were preparing to go to bed. he was preparing to go out to clubs.... so he will be back at some point tonight, who knows when. he was shushed many a time. some people I guess aren't prepared for hostel stays... well I got my earplugs yall.

so if this ends up being the last daily update for a while, we love you guys and we'll catch up soon :) now for today's snapshots of course.

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