Monday, October 3, 2016

scotland: day one - glasgow

so I know it won't be able to happen every day due to lack of time or lack of internet, but when I can I'd like to journal our travels :) currently waiting for the shower to be free so I have a wee bit of time.

overnight flight - think I slept a little. flight was about 5.5 hours to Iceland. Jason didn't sleep at all. Iceland airport was small. it was cold. it was windy. we exited the planes outdoors, on the stairs, like in the olden days. did I mention cold and windy. it was 2am on our bodies clocks, but 6am Iceland time. sun was just rising.

I felt like I slept more on the 2 hour flight to Glasgow than I did the previous flight. landed at 10am. did customs for the first time. held the British pound for the first time. then tried to find breakfast. this proved difficult as most places were switching to lunch, so we ended up having delicious club sandwiches and chips (fries). then made our way into the city of Glasgow via bus, attempting to go to Glasgow Cathedral but upon realization of how tired we were, chose to go to the chemist (pharmacy) to pick up my parcel I had shipped there. my Huel breakfast meal replacement shakes (do check out Huel, it's amazing and pretty decent tasting too! I look forward to when they start shipping to the U.S!). we were going to bus to the chemist, and thank God we didn't. we ubered. but when we got there, turns out we went to the wrong chemist. the lovely ladies were able to figure out which one it was and even confirmed my parcel was there and got the address. so we found another uber. 

the drivers in Glasgow are fearless. lines on the road seem a suggestion, what looks like a one way street becomes two if you drive halfway on the sidewalk, and who knows what direction the traffic even goes. I looked over at Jason wide eyed many a time. by journeys end, he will be driving in Glasgow... so he's going to have to work up to that!! haha

we finally came upon the proper chemist. it was across the street from an amazing playground that Jason and I were thoroughly jealous of. it was so unsafe by American standards! there was a zipline!!! that was about 25 feet in the air at the tallest point!!! WHAT. why can't we have this?!

anyhow, got my large box, got back in the uber and ubered to what we thought was our airbnb. of course it wasn't. so we gathered our things again (mind you, carrying a large box in addition to the 3 backpacks and one slider hardcase, it was a challenge for us both), we were eventually able to locate it, and it was within a few blocks of where we were. but we were tired. brunch had worn off. we were grumpy. and our airbnb was a sight for sore eyes. bright and airy, perfect temperature. perfect decor. lovely hostess. exactly what we needed. so we rested our bones a bit. unpacked a bit.

then ventured out to dinner. Jason found a place called Battlefield Rest, a 10-15 minute walk away. Scottish Italian fusion. I didn't think it possible, but it was incredible. my favorite meal so far :)

we got the "pre-theater" course meal, you could choose 2 or 3 courses. we each chose 2, one of us got an appetizer and entree and the other got an entree and dessert. we split the appetizer and dessert. and this was all quite affordable, surprisingly! we had the most delicious calamari I've ever had in my life, perfectly seasoned and cooked. Jason had lamb, potatoes and carrots in a red sauce, he enjoyed that. and I absolutely loved my haggis canelloni in bechamel sauce. it was fabulous. yes, mom. it was. and finished it off with a white and dark chocolate torte with the most flavorful vanilla ice cream. and Jason had an enjoyable coffee.

it was a splendid day. but dang I'm tired.


  1. Dude look real confused at his plate.

    What's next on the itinerary?

  2. Dude look real confused at his plate.

    What's next on the itinerary?

  3. If anyone deserves this vacation, y'all do. :) Have fun!