Wednesday, October 5, 2016

scotland days 2 & 3: edinburgh

day one.

well. we slept through our alarm. checkout of our Glasgow airbnb was for 11am, we planned to wake at 8:30 to be out by then, but Jason woke up at 10 and told me the alarm didn't go off... fastest I've ever gotten ready and packed. somehow we made it.

trained to Edinburgh no problem, napped on the way there. I think my body is still adjusting to the time here.

got a snack and headed to our hostel. our lovely little hostel that was converted from an old church.

we have one roomie instead of two tonight (room of four), we will see if another shows for tomorrow night.

checked out all the digs of the place and then decided to venture out to see Edinburgh. first stop was a cathedral down the road a bit, it was lovely. then a further walk with the goal of the Edinburgh library, but we stopped at so many places along the way.

Old Town Edinburgh reminds me SO MUCH of Diagon Alley. it's incredible.

also, much of Scotland has made me feel like I'm in Harry Potter. all the school children in their school uniforms like they've just come from Hogwarts, all the lovely accents... and then Edinburg all like Diagon Alley...

we came to find out from our roommate (who is from Brighton, England) that J.K. Rowling wrote a good chunk of the books while in coffee shops of Edinburgh!! so we are looking to find those, but I could sense the Rowling in the town!! :D

anywho, we are absolutely in love with Edinburgh. there are so many layers and levels to this city, it's like being in a videogame. it's surreal and lovely.

after stopping at many of the shops along the way, we finally made it to the library which was gorgeous of course. and they had an incredible exhibit of maps going on, so stunning. from there I think we just kept going to various shops. then got big burgers at a local pub. kept exploring.

found the stunning St. Giles church. so beautiful.

found a crazy spire monument thing to Sir Walter Scot. found two H&M's within a couple blocks of each other on the same street. anyone who knows me knows my love for H&M. it was delightful. the one we found was four levels of delight. so much selection. also, TJ Maxx here is called TK Maxx, which just sounds so much more UK. it's also classier.

also, side note - the toilets here are strange. they don't flush well. everywhere you go, not just one place. well, airport was decent flush. anywho, just one of those random things I won't forget about the UK. along with many of the cars turn off while idling? not really sure what that's about.

after the shopping area, we made our way back to the hostel and chilled a bit til we finally met our roomie, the Brit. he is super chill, we talked for a few hours, sharing stories. a lot of fun.

then showers and sleeps. I have a funny feeling my shower experience at this hostel may be the best one of the whole trip as this hostel was the only one to photograph their shower area... I'm hoping this is not the case though.


day two.

I barely slept, not sure how much Jason slept, probably a tad bit more than me. it seemed each moment I was able to drift off someone somewhere would slam a door ect... #hostellife

once we gathered ourselves and some energy, we headed off in hot pursuit of Edinburgh Castle. we knew we couldn't get inside for free, but we wanted to get as far as we could. and it was quite difficult to get in. this place must have been terrible to invade back in the day. but we enjoyed the hikes.

it was rather windy at the castle, and it is the highest point in the city so it made sense.

we also visited more shops and little "oh what's that over there let's go see that" places.

it's such a joy to soak in the city of Edinburgh. it is likely too early to say, but this city has taken a large chunk of my heart. I cannot get over the layering of the city. you'll think you're walking on a normal road, and suddenly it's a bridge with a whole other chunk of the city right below you. and you wonder how to get down there... or up there... or over there. I could have spent a week here and only skimmed the surface of this city. so much to see and do. I look forward to more time in this city in the future.

we had seen this one area of the city from afar that we wanted to see up close. and we did! Calton Hill had a spectacular view.

I was quite tuckered out today, far more than I was the day prior. that lack of sleep really caught up with me, hoping to sleep better tonight. we got some pasta takeaway that we brought back to the hostel and planned to do laundry as we had checked out the laundry facility the day prior.

mistake, apparently. we pissed off the front desk girl mad hard without knowing. there are no signs saying that only the staff is allowed to do laundry. we found a sign in the laundry room after we put our laundry in that it cost £4 for wash, dry, and detergent. but nothing said staff only could run it. she was quite terrible to Jason and I, but we still tried to be as nice as possible and kept apologizing and saying we didn't know. we hope our laundry will be done in time for checkout tomorrow at 10am. we will see. praying it won't be sabotaged by her :(

so now I'll be borrowing some of Jason's clothes to sleep in, and thankfully I have an extra towel for showering (towels aren't provided in hostels, they are for hire, or, rent, though).

we also hope to sleep tonight!! we have an additional roommate, haven't met them yet. it's about 10pm here (UK is 5 hours ahead of EST) when I plan to publish this. all the prayers and good vibes are totally welcome! you can also pray that Jason's knees will not bother him. one started acting up today. and of course prayers about the laundry and for restful sleep!

but regardless of the small upset, we still are in love with Edinburgh!

here are a few photos from my phone of the highlights. I've taken around 115 photos I think? so this is just skimming the surface, and Jason has also taken a bunch of photos too. he has all our selfies (longer arms). I've left put my panoramas (Jason's new thing "ugh you and your panoramas, let's go!") out as they're difficult to view in this context. but enjoy!


  1. Fantastic! Yeah, there are so many different things about Europe, even in a country that speaks "the same" language as us. The toilets use less water, and cars don't idle due to heavy regulations regarding petrol use. I hope the laundry incident is the worst of it, and that it's all great things from here!

  2. we noticed the cars stopping and starting at lights, asked our roommate about it and he informed us of the technology. he was surprised we had nothing like it in the u.s. we are loving how eco friendly everything is here, it's quite impressive and inspiring.

  3. we noticed the cars stopping and starting at lights, asked our roommate about it and he informed us of the technology. he was surprised we had nothing like it in the u.s. we are loving how eco friendly everything is here, it's quite impressive and inspiring.