Tuesday, October 11, 2016

the rest of day 9 & ramblings

day 9 we continued through wester ross, down the coast, stopping here and there for those stunner views. occasionally scrambling up rocks to get up higher to see as much as absolutely possible of this unbelievably gorgeous country.

we ended at Eilean Donan Castle, not far from our final destination in Skye. lovely castle. we've learned that you can see a lot of the castles plenty from the outside, explore all you want outside... but it's going inside you have to pay for. and heck, even the gift shops and bathrooms are usually outside so you can make use of those too. but paying about $20 per person to go inside? totally for the birds. or tourists.

speaking of birds - I had never seen a magpie until being here. what a lovely bird. I may get me a magpie tattoo. they seem like my spirit bird. highly misunderstood birds they are.

also, I may not have mentioned, but there's just about nothing but good graphic design all about this nation. I've only seen papyrus used once, comic sans maybe twice but in... more apt applications like a dumb flyer or so. all the logos are gorgeous. the road signs a delight. just everything... beautiful. I'd like to call myself a designer in Scotland one day. oh what a treat.

also, the speed limit signs here are in MPH (they do not say so, there's just a number inside a red circle), even though they use the metric system. it's odd and was confusing until we figured it out! just kinda went the speed everyone else was going until we got it all sorted.

my interior monolog is switching between my normal interior voice and a Scottish accent of my voice now. this had been happening for a few days now. I do not know what to think of that.

I'm well addicted to tea now. drank a whole pot by myself this morning.

we say that America is the "great American melting pot" - I call bs on this now that I've traveled here. I've seen more cultures represented here than most of America that I've seen save NYC, but that's a given since it's a metropolis and an immigration point of sorts. I guess I just expected a majority of white people here? it's simply not the case. so many races represented, even in smaller towns (but obviously more so in cities). I'm loving it so much. many have never believed me when I've told them that there are Asians who are Scottish ect... there are, okay, Americans? there are so many races here with Scottish accents! it's such a treat.

so we've found its hard to find chicken here when going out to eat. same with pasta. so it was a treat tonight when I got both at a cafe here in skye! and good, soft Italian bread slices... all the bread we had was burger buns basically (save for our first night in glasgow). I reveled in it.

also, they call shrimp prawns... and I hate that. prawn just sounds despicable and inedible. shrimp sounds appetizing. but they love prawns here... even have prawn and mayo sandwiches. ick. also they have a thing about corn salad on sandwiches? what? don't get it.

I keep thinking of things during the day that I want to record on the blog and I keep forgetting. I'm going to try to write them down when I think of them, but it's usually at inopportune moments when I think of them...

anywho, we are here in first night in our hostel skye, sharing a room with 3 others. they don't talk much. fine with us. but there's a fridge on our floor level.... this is a treat to me. I can have cold huel instead of room temperature. you guys don't understand the massive difference there haha.

my water bottle has broken somehow :( Jason's giving me the bobble we got him, and we will get him another.

we have no itenerary for tomorrow *gasp* yes, this is a first. but we need to really get a grasp of skye and map out the things we want to see and group those areas together, so we will do that straight off tomorrow. we were too tired tonight and just wanted to chill.

alright, a few photos from today!

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