listed below are causes close to my heart. click on the image or link to visit their site.
a friend and I have decided to take up an effort to do some fundraising events for save the storks here in richmond. we plan on organizing a 5K run, benefit concert, massive yard sale, and silent auction to help out this cause that is so dear to our hearts. please comment or email me if you'd like to get involved!

Organization dedicated to ending the concept of child soldiers around the world.
view the PSA I created for Project: AK-47 on a $0 budget:

truth, honesty, hope, healing... for women who are confused or feeling alone.
good women do exist.

giving shoes to those in the world who cannot afford them.
i'm pretty convinced that we have natural remedies all around us that we're constantly ignoring; this site gets us back to our roots and shows us what has been working for human beings for centuries. love this site!

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