my design

my design: simplicity while retaining qualities of beauty. i try to incorporate hand-made elements to as much of my designs as possible, i love hand craft. i enjoy bold colors in contrast with neutrals. i'm generally a serif gal, but i love sans serif as well [i'm a sucker for a proper slab serif]. oh, i should mention that i am a graduate of VCU's graphic design program! without any further adieu, here is my work!

my business system.

our wedding invitations, letterpressed them myself!

civil war poem broadside. letterpress.

business system for the da Vinci center at VCU.

brochure for stuff inc.

handmade book about the tokens of love i have received in my relationship with jason. one of my favorite books i've made. can't wait to pass it down to our kids.

simple bird website - used java script to employ a collapsing gallery on the right.

constellation site - this site told a story, gave visual layout of the constellations in the sky as well as their mythological history.

series of photos that tell a visual narrative.

my "joy comes in the morning" illustration. turned this into a screenprinted poster as well as a tshirt.

24"x36" poster that was printed in black and white, then the red was screenprinted on, and i literally stuck the stickers onto the poster. this was featured in Gallery 5's May Day Exhibit in 2009 as well as in RVA Mag.

and finally, one of my favorite pieces that i created thus far in my graphic design career: a PSA for Project: AK-47.

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