myself & us

meet the landrums!
joanna is a graphic designer, jason a military man.
high school sweet hearts, together for 5 and a half years before marrying each other.
joanna is a graphic design nerd, and enjoys hands-on arts and DIY projects/crafts/beautification in her spare time.
jason is a star wars nerd, and enjoys video games such as mass effect and skyrim in his spare time. he also enjoys creating things himself. both love movies and spending time with family and friends.

jason proposed to joanna on september 8th, 2010.
he chose to emulate a scene from one of joanna's favorite movies, big fish.
you can see the proposal here. you can see their mostly DIY wedding here.
currently they are living happily ever after in richmond.

joanna started this blog as a way to show wives that they do not have to be perfect. life is a lot more enjoyable when it's not perfect. we all make mistakes... like burning the banana bread in the toaster oven (both sides, you guys!), making way too much pasta that it seems like it will explode from the kitchen (i have a hard time with portion sizes!), breaking the husband's favorite and only japanese sake set whilst trying to rid the apartment of crickets...
it happens.
and we wives tend to take these things to heart and beat ourselves up.
so this blog is a way to make a solid resolution to come to terms with the fact that we cannot be perfect and we will in fact celebrate our quirks! let's find joy in the little things and enjoy each day as a gift, and live it to the fullest... full of quirks! embark on the journey of a quirky wife and her life!

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