first home

we live in richmond.

[from march 2011 to september 2012] lakeside, specifically.

it's tucked away in the northside of richmond. craftsman houses as well as capes. small shops. gas stations that will still pump your gas for you. a farmer's market. frisbee golf park. nationally known botanical gardens. lots of strange things, lots of wonderful things. lots of rednecks. but they haven't done any harm... so far.

our first home is a small, one bedroom apartment. it meets our needs perfectly. we have a lovely neighborhood with lots of trees, and a pool!
yes, our front door does have a keep out sign on it.
living room & kitchen.
living room: free papasan chair, free lazy boy, free ikea chair, $40 ikea couch that we got off of craigslist, $70 ottoman/table set, $15 rug on craigslist, yellow tables from target were $3 each on clearance, grey curtains were a gift on our registry [from bed, bath, and beyond]! the empty frames were decor at our wedding, my sister in law got us the bird prints, and my dear friends becka and manda made me the tiny framed art. it's my favorite framed piece of art i've ever received.
kitchen: not sure if you can tell, but there are keys from a keyboard on our refrigerator. my sister made those. our kitchen is fully outfitted with crappy laminate cabinets and countertops, and an easy-bake oven with a push-light! there will be stories to come on the adventures with the oven...

dining room & the repurposed dining room bouquet made from my bridal bouquet.
on the walls we have more of our wedding decor [ampersands, wedding cake toppers, and poems about the toppers] as well as a plate from aberdeenshire, scotland [which is where jason's family originate from!] that a wedding guest gave to us [without knowing his family's origins!].

guest bath & master bath.
we like black and white!
the shower curtain rings are fashioned after old plumbing fixture handles. the say "hot" and "cold" [for all you arrested development fans, yes they do alternate hot and cold].

our bedroom a la ikea :D
we have some hangings on our wall, of course. the left is a print i got from etsy. it's a world map that says "home is whenever i'm with you". the middle is the landrum coat of arms. there will be a tutorial on this, as i did "make" it. and the right is an illustration my dear friend carra did for us as a wedding gift.

we have a balcony off our bedroom, and below the balcony is our back porch [off the kitchen] where we grill and eat occasionally. we love our place! ... most of the time. we do have one set of strange neighbors. stories to come.

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